Today I Did Not Throw Up

…but it was a near thing, I’ll tell you.

I took the kids to Thomas Amusments (for those who aren’t local, this is a little travelling fair with ride that migrates around Newfoundland all summer, spending a few weeks in every mall parking lot). They were eager to take me on a ride they went on with Jason over the weekend called Starship 2000. If you click that there link you’ll find a description of the physics of the ride. My version is: it’s one of those centripetal-force rides that slams you against the wall of the ride. You experience the sensations of being spun around rapidly, tilted backwards, and rolled over with a giant steamroller, all at the same time. During the process I felt much like a set of bagpipes being played by an enthusiastic drunken Scotsman on roller skates.

I staggered off some two minutes later feeling closer to hurling than I have in a very long time. Told the kids Mommy had to sit down on a bench for a few minutes. They held my hands and were gentle with me. I wanted to die, but I didn’t.

I won’t be going back on the Starship 2000.

In happier news, I put a bunch more book reviews up on Compulsive Overreader, so you should read them and comment. I need lots of feedback. It makes me feel happy and validated. Comment, comment, comment.

I may need to lie down again for a few minutes.

6 Replies to “Today I Did Not Throw Up”

  1. “enthusiastic drunken Scotsman on roller skates.”

    ROFL! What a great image!

    BTW, I’ve faithfully reading (and enjoying) your regular blog entries.

  2. I can’t comment on “Compulsive Overreader” blogs because it only allows comments from members of blogger for some reason…

  3. It’s 3:14 Thursday afternoon, and you haven’t updated your blog yet! I need recent developments, fresh news! I guess I’ll just have to ask you how your day went when I see you after work 🙂

  4. Clearly you’re having a gruelling day at work! Nothing blogworthy has happened so far today … they can’t all be gold, you know.

    Seeya at 5:30.

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