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He Brought Her Flours!


Last night Jason and I had our long-awaited night out to celebrate Jason’s 42nd birthday. Yes, that’s right, my wonderful husband is now 42. He, himself, now embodies the answer to Life, the Universe, and Everything. (If you didn’t get that, don’t worry about it).

My parents took the kids over night (blessings upon them) and we had supper at Boston Pizza and then went to see the movie Stranger Than Fiction.

I think I have a new favourite movie! I loved Stranger Than Fiction. I loved it passionately. It’s the perfect film for a writer or reader or anyone who loves books. Not to give anymore away than the previews do (because you ARE going to see this film!!) but Will Ferrell plays (very well) a guy who discovers he is a character in writer Emma Thompson’s novel … and she’s going to kill him off. It’s a sweet romantic comedy but also a thought-provoking movie about writing and the responsibility writers have to their work, their characters, their readers and themselves.

I am toying with whether to kill anyone off in my current NaNo novel and this will make me take that decision much more seriously! I don’t want any characters showing up on my doorstep begging me to spare their lives!

As for the NaNovel, after a nice long session at Starbucks with my laptop (and Natalie, and her laptop) this afternoon I am at 23,269 words and happy with my progress (though still secretly convinced that my novel is dull). (And that I use too many brackets). (But how many are “too many”?)


4 thoughts on “He Brought Her Flours!

  1. Happy B-day Jas!

    That movie looks really interesting, Trudy. I loved Will Ferrell in “Elf!” Usually, though I’m cautious about seeing his movies.
    Didn’t Emma Thompson write the screenplay for “Stranger Than Fiction?” She also wrote Nanny McPhee…another one I’ve yet to see.

  2. This is definitely better than the average Will Ferrell movie.

    I still owe you an evening out for your birthday (back in Sept!!) and I don’t AT ALL mind seeing StF again, or anything else you care to see … if only we can find a time we’re both free!

  3. I loved Stranger Than Fiction too.

    Went to see it with my writing buddy Monday night and giggled throughout.

    Made me think too. I could *never* put real people through the things my characters go through. But as a writer, I cannot hold back the plot because I feel sorry for my characters either.

    It reminded me of that thread on Nano where the authors write an apology to their characters. I suppose those letters express much of what the movie did.

    I definitely want to see it again.

  4. Oh, I want to see this movie! And The Queen, and (I confess) Borat. Looks like I’d better start lining up babysitters!

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