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Society of Strident Women


Today I threw myself a little small party to celebrate finishing (yes, actually finishing) the draft of my NaNovel. I invited five literary women friends for coffee at Starbucks/Chapters, also known as the Sacred Temple to the Triune Goddesses of Coffee, Chocolate and Books. Since I probably wrote about 50K of my 80K total wordcount at Chapters, it seemed appropriate to celebrate there.

Gathered for the event were: Natalie (also a NaNo winner), Lori, Tina, Jennifer, and Christine who sweetly brought my flowers to celebrate. I hand-picked all these friends, even though they didn’t all know each other, as the women writers I’d most like to party with, and as a group we clicked so well that we enjoyed two solid hours of non-stop conversation about books, plays, work, feminism, and husbands who don’t socialize on their own. We have already discussed the possibility of meeting on a regular basis under the name (suggested by Lori) “Society of Strident Women.”

Thanks to all the lovely strident women for making my post-NaNo party so much fun! And thanks to the Starbucks patron otherwise known as Table Guy for giving us his extra chair, then his table, and finally for taking our pictures!

Just a reminder to all my lovely readers: Blogs are like little flowers. Just as little flowers need sunshine and rain to flourish, blogs need comments (because bloggers are emotionally needy people who demand constant feedback to validate their own existance). Isn’t it sad if a little flower withers and dies because it doesn’t get enough sun and rain? Don’t let a little flower die … don’t let a little blog wither and perish. Leave a comment …


10 thoughts on “Society of Strident Women

  1. Strident woman here. Loved the day and look forward to our next meeting.

    Congrats again on the NaNovel!

  2. What a great accomplishment! I quit NaNo quite early. I’ve decided I should write nothing longer than a haiku during November/December. (except blog comments, that is.)


  3. Thanks for coming Tina … we strident women will definitely be seeing more of each other in future.

    A haiku:

    Kim, I wish that you
    Could have been at my party.
    Happy December.

  4. Holy Guilt Trip, Batman.

    Thanks for inviting me to your party, Trudy!

    See you in January. (Do I get extra points for being the original Ms. Strident?)

    By the way, the Faludi quote is “My goal is to be accused of being strident.”

  5. Chris, you definitely get points for being the original Ms. Strident. We owe it all to you!!

    The guilt trip was a bit over-the-top, wasn’t it? But seriously…THREE posts without comments, that’s about as much as my fragile ego can handle. I actually checked yesterday to see if I had accidentally turned comments “OFF.”

    Looking forward to the next monthly meeting of the Strident Women!

  6. Congratulations on finishing and on the establishment of the Strident Women!

  7. Look at those Strident Women! They’re so cute! (Can strident women be cute?)

    Here’s a haiku (I had to go up and count yours. 5-7-5. Shouldn’t be that hard to remember. Sigh.)

    This is for your blog
    So you can have some comments
    Let the flower live!


    PS Glad we get to be strident women and that my screen name wasn’t modified for the group. Chicken Women? Sheesh.

  8. That has to be the most poetic plea for comments I’ve ever seen!

    And your Society of Strident Women looks wonderful – it makes me want to move to Newfoundland so I could crash your party!

  9. Hi, just finished That Forgetful Shore which i really enjoyed. Kept thinking it was like a mature Anne book (hope that you take that as a compliment!). I saw a reference to the Strident Women and had to go a peeking. I write in Labrador and am closer in age to Triffie at the end of the novel sooooo much older than you I think! I’ll try now to comment on a more recent blog post.

    • Thanks for commenting! I’m glad you enjoyed the book (and I definitely would take that as a compliment). I hope you check out my new book, A Sudden Sun, if you get a chance.

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