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Moose on the Loose


You know you’re Canadian when …

… the biggest excitement on Easter Sunday comes not from the Risen Lord but from a young moose that’s wandered into your neighbourhood.

I should point out for readers who don’t know where we live that our neighbourhood is most definitely urban, not at all rural despite the grass and trees (and snow!!) shown in the picture.  It’s a long way from here to anyplace a moose might feel at home.

The moose found himself trapped on a stretch of grass between the apartment building right behind our house, and the chain-link fence of the garage next to the apartment building.  Police quickly arrived (as did neighbourhood gawkers like ourselves, and the CBC news) and had officers placed at the top and bottom of the grassy area, to keep the moose hemmed into that area until he could be shot with a tranquilizer gun.

He was out there about an hour, frantically trying to get through the fence.  We missed the part where they finally brought him down but he was carried away, to the woods we presume, with a police escort, sirens blaring.


3 thoughts on “Moose on the Loose

  1. Okay, I admit I laughed at your baby moose. But then I searched on line and realized that I have only seen Alaskan moose, which are at least 20-50% larger than Newfoundland moose. See, I learned something today…Sharon

  2. Plus, this one actually WAS a baby moose … a very young moose anyway … ours get bigger too!

    Glad you’ve expanded your moose knowledge!

  3. I saw the moose entourage with lights and sirens blaring heading out Kenmount Road. However, I thought they were on their way to an accident. Nicer end to the story, than the one I was imagining. Great picture, by the way. Poor moosey!

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