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My last post was a (relatively) well-thought-out, passionate post about an issue I feel strongly about.Now, we’re just back to me pulling random stuff out of my brain.  More random even than usual: this is one of those days when I just clear out all the colourful scraps that have been cluttering up my cerebral cortex, and stitch them together into something I will try to convince you is a blog post.

First up: Things Christopher has said recently that made me laugh loudly.  Wow, I really love this stage of child-raising, when their senses of humour are starting to develop in a more adult way. Occasionally, Chris comes out with something that sounds positively grown up and sarcastic.  As, for example, the other morning when he was playing a game on our computer while the rest of us were trying to grab a few more minutes’ sleep.  Jason asked him to turn off the sound; Christopher turned it down but not off so Jason had to ask him again.  “Turn it right off,” said Jason, face buried in the pillow, barely awake.  “I find that beeping noise distracting.”Christopher turned the speakers off, thought for a moment, and said, “What, exactly, is it distracting you from?

I’ve been using that line ever since.

Then there’s the completely silly, off-the-wall humour.  This is Jason’s speciality, and Emma particularly loves to join in, but sometimes Chris comes up with something that’s way further off the wall than either of them.  The other night Emma wanted Jason to (re)read to her from the latest in the wonderful Clementine books.  Jason was pretending to read as if it were the story of an actual clementine (you know, the little oranges in the wooden boxes? Mmmm).  He started “It’s nice to live in a wooden box…”  At this point, above Emma’s shouts of protest (“No! Read the real story!”) Christopher chimed in: “It’s nice to live in a wooden box, with highly venomous apricots!”

I’ve been meaning to tell him that if he ever does start a rock band when he’s older (which I’m sure he will) he should call it  The Venemous Apricots.

Now, back to that whining about the weather I was doing the other day…it worked! God reads my blog! The drizzle went away completely.  The whole weekend has been brilliantly sunny, although still very cold.  I’ll take what I can get. (Next week, I’ll be blogging about how annoyed I am that we’re not millionaires, just to see if God is still paying attention). 

The kids have insisted on having the bikes dug out of the basement. When the bikes come up, the toboggans, shovels, and heavy winter boots go downstairs.  Not because we’re such optimists — these things could all be needed again before summer comes (except the toboggans.  We can get snow in April or May, but it’s never the right kind of snow to have any fun with — just the kind you need to get rid of!).  No, we do this big changeover because there isn’t room in our front porch for the winter stuff and the summer stuff.  So we’re starting to make our front porch look like The Porch of Summer, even though the kids are out riding their bikes with hats, gloves and winter jackets on.

Reading! Reading! I have been reading … as usual … and I have a bunch of new book reviews up on Compulsive Overreader.  Please, go look at them!!

Plus, I updated a few things on my Writing page.  Did you even know there was a Writing page, or do you just come here for the witty and insightful blog entries? (Sorry).  At the top of the page, if you click the “WRITESTUFF” tab, you get to a page that has links to all kinds of things written by me.  They are fun to read! On some of them, you can even leave comments (and you know how I love comments).  I mention this not just because I put a few new links in there, but because I just discovered the other day that Christine’s blog has links to stuff she’s written, and I realized that probably lots of writers’ blogs have these links, but I never bother to read anything but the blog, and therefore it’s possible other people are doing the same with my blog, and missing the wonderful varied richness of the other things on my site.

OK, that’s it.  I’ve emptied out the scrap-bag of my brain and this is as close as I come to stitching it into a pattern.  At least my brain is clean and empty and ready to start a new week.


3 thoughts on “Patchwork Brain

  1. “emptied out the scrap-bag of my brain and this is as close as I come to stiching it into a pattern.”

    I love that metaphor!

    And, congratulations on discovering freecycle. 🙂 Its blogging world at its best when we can actually introduce each other to new things, isn’t it?

  2. Oh, no!! You have just discovered Freecycle? I have been totally remiss in my life since I didn’t tell you.
    Could you complain to God about ME not being a millionaire? Heck, I’d even take a couple hundred thousand dollars right now. (of course I want it without anyone’s loss of life or liberty or anything like that.)

  3. Can you complain that I haven’t found an agent yet? I’d really appreciate it, and God could mark two complaints off with one checkmark because I’d willingly pay you for it.

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