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Happy Mother’s Day…


….to me, to my mom, and to all the moms out there!

As predicted in yesterday’s post, I had a lovely morning.  Here’s a picture of the kids surrounding me with smiles and hugs at brunch.

In the interests of full disclosure, I must confess the background to this photo.  The kids kept popping into my room between 9:30 and 10:30 to give me updates on the progress of brunch, and, in Emma’s case, to virtually burst with the effort of not revealing any secrets (watching Emma try to keep a secret is pure entertainment for me … it’s so hard for her. She would be the world’s worst spy!)  Finally they came to lead me by the hands into the dining room, insisting that I keep my eyes closed till I was seated.

Just before opening my eyes to view the lovely brunch table, I accidentally passed my hand over my plate and knocked over the vase containing a carnation and a certain amount of water, which then spilled over my place setting and the floor. Both children immediately burst into loud tears and wailed that EVERYTHING WAS RUINED!!! Jason and I had to calm them down and prove that the devastation could be repaired with the diligent application of towels.  They had just dried their tears when this picture was taken.

The whole day was lovely — Jason took care of all the clean-up and also took care of the kids while I went out and enjoyed coffee with Jennifer.  I picked up take-out pizza for supper.  The pure relaxation of the day was slightly threatened when Jason removed Emma’s bed as part of an ongoing remodelling of her room, and we had to pitch in to deal with the newly revealed mess under her bed.  It’s staggering what a small child can accumulate behind and underneath a bed! I had to sacrifice half an hour of relaxation to help pick up various small toys and papers.

And Emma learned a valuable life lesson.  She learned (as we all should know) that if at some point in your childhood you believe it’s a good idea to stick used gum on the wall down behind your mattress, there will come a day —  perhaps far in the future, but as inevitable as death and taxes — when your parents will discover it and force you to spend your evening scraping it off, piece by piece, with a plastic knife from your toy kitchen set.  Be sure your sins will find you out!

In the midst of all the relaxing today, I managed to update Compulsive Overreader with some new book reviews — go check ’em out!!


2 thoughts on “Happy Mother’s Day…

  1. Love the picture. Happy Mother’s day.


  2. “Here’s a picture of the kids surrounding me with smiles and hugs…”

    And flowers! Did you score, or what?!

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