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Dispatches from the Front


…the Parenting Front, that is. I am an embedded journalist …. deeply embedded. Wish I could spend a little less time embedded and little more time in-bedded.

This is the time of year of hectic and crazy, especially for those of us organizationally-challenged moms (hands up!!) There is so much to remember and to do.  At school, we have just finished the annual Spring Concert, in which both our children performed brilliantly (though not as brilliantly as the music teacher, who pulled the whole thing off in under 45 minutes, a feat hugely appreciated by all the parents).  This Sunday they have their year-end recital for music lessons.  And the Adventurer Club at church, of which Jason and I are the leaders, is winding up with year-end activities — our camp-out (in cabins, not in tents!! we’re not insane!!!!!) went off smoothly last weekend, and our awards ceremony/church service goes ahead this coming week.  By the time this weekend is over, I will be breathing huge deep sighs of relief, and may even be able to get back to some kind of blogging.

The weather continues unrelievedly and unspeakably awful.  I’m sure you’re relieved that I’m not going to speak about it.

Here’s a little thing that makes me curious.  I check the blog stats for Hypergraffiti compusively, and over the last week or so I’ve noticed someone has been methodically reading through all my old posts, starting with the recent ones and working back to the early ones.  Actually, more than one person has been doing it, or else one person has been clicking each post five or six times.  I’m assuming this is an old friend or a new friend who’s just discovered my blog and is reading back to se what they’ve missed.  Your lurker-like anonymity is safe if you want to preserve it, but I’m kind of curious so if you’d like to leave a note in the comments to say, “Hi! That was me, reading through all your old posts!” I’d feel so warm and cozy and welcoming towards you.  Entirely up to you, of course.

OK, I’m going back to the battle lines … will report later!


3 thoughts on “Dispatches from the Front

  1. Hello. I’m going to assume you are talking about me in the last paragraph, because, I admittedly “stumbled” upon your blog, and over the last week, I read it. Honestly, I was debating whether or not I was going to post anything here, but, I hate when people do the same thing to my blog, and like you, I check the stats regularly. I get annoyed when I see people reading it, and they are too afraid to say “Hi.” So, I figured, I’d say “Hi.”

    For the record, I’m someone completely new. You’ve never talked to me, never met me. Wow… There you go. Hopefully we’ll talk more in the future.. Thanks for a great read! 🙂 (I hope you didn’t mind)

    -Anonymous no more

  2. Thanks Nathaniel! I was more curious than annoyed … I know some people like to read blogs anonymously; I do that myself sometimes, but the fact that you’d read all the way through the archives did fascinate me a bit! Nice to cyber-meet you….I notice you haven’t included your blog address so I can return the favour though? 🙂

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