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Trudy’s Trivia


Here’s a rather self-absorbed little quiz I borrowed from someone else’s blog (Catherine at everyday life as lyric poetry).  It’s a placeholder until I can get time for some real blogging–although, due to some glitches that are partly my fault and partly, I think, WordPress’s, it has taken longer to post than a “real” blog would! 

Take the quiz and see how well you know Me!! Me!!! Meeeee!!!! (as if having a blog weren’t self-centred enough).  You can always make up one about you and get me to take that, as a form of revenge. I’m assuming this board will update as people take the quiz (if anyone does).  Jason and my mom both took it and got 90%, only getting one question wrong (not the same one).  I took Jason’s quiz and only got 80%.  Someday I shall know even as also I am known.  In the meantime, take the quiz… sorry, I found out after first posting this that the process of recording your score is glitchy and tedious, so I’m really honoured that a few people have actually done it!

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6 thoughts on “Trudy’s Trivia

  1. I did your test, but something went awry. For starters it said I got zero, which seems unlikely AND the screen was all weird. I’ll try again later.

  2. Yeah, it turns out the site is kind of screwy and the sign-up process is a pain, so even if you get through the quiz you might (like my mom, who I’m sure got 100%) give up before recording your results. Sorry, I didn’t know it was such an annoying site when I did the quiz — the quiz itself is fun, but the site is not that user-friendly.

  3. ACK! I failed miserably. And at least two of them were obvious, but I thought they were too obvious, so I second-guessed myself. And a third, I had the right answer and then changed it.

    I’m SOO obviously out of practice, taking tests.

  4. Well, Katrina, for someone who’s never actually MET me (although you have read my semi-autobiographical coming-of-age novel!) I think three answers right, and three almost right, is pretty darn good. I’m willing to call that 60%, even though I always tell my students the examiners won’t mark them on what they THOUGHT might have been the right answer on a multiple choice test!

  5. I have no excuse for doing as badly as I did…especially since I’m even named in one of the questions!! (Although, I was going to pick the “teaching 18 year olds” thing…)

  6. I could not sign up. I guessed at a couple of the answers, which just confirms my thoughts , that its been way too long, and we need a visit!

    Catherine T

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