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This Makes Me Laugh … So Much


Another “placeholder” post to save me the trouble of writing anything witty or thought-provoking. Many of you have seen this before but those who haven’t may find it as funny as I do.  It’s probably funnier to churchy people (but slightly irreverent churchy people, who can laugh at churchy things). It’s called “Songs of Praise — with Subtitles.”


6 thoughts on “This Makes Me Laugh … So Much

  1. I’ve never seen that before. I loved it!

  2. The link was plastered all over Ship of Fools for awhile, and it’s been copied in several people’s blogs, so I assume it’s pretty widespread, but I’m so glad to have the chance to share it with anyone who hasn’t seen it!

  3. Thanks for the Friday morning giggle!

  4. A good laugh in the midst of sermon preparation!

  5. LOL! This reminds me of the lyrics I used to make up when bored in church as a little girl, although mine weren’t quite so funny.

  6. That’s quite brilliant that is.

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