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Trivia and True Friends


Thanks to everyone who had the patient endurance to actually wade through my Friend Test and record their scores (there were a couple of people whose scores I had to input for them, just because the process was so tedious). For those who couldn’t get their results to show up or were curious about the correct answers, I’m going to post the “right” answers below — it’s been difficult because WordPress is in a glitchy mood today. If you’ve checked this blog a few times today you may be bemused/irritated by the comings and goings of this post as I try to get it right!

Apparently, based on the results of this test, one person knows me better than even my mother and my husband do. At least, she knows THESE ten things best … it would be easy to design a test that was slanted towards a particular time in my life or things a particular person would know, but on these ten questions Sherry turned out to be the only one with a perfect score. That’s what you get for keeping the same best friend for 30 years!!!

Sherry wrote me a lovely little note on her Facebook page today about the value of lifelong friendships in which you’ve really invested time in knowing each other and it is so true. If there’s one way I’ve been incredibly blessed in this life it is in friendships — I’ve heard people say they have only one or two close friends and I can’t imagine that. Every stage in my life has given me the gift of people who have remained with me forever, either through memories or, better yet, though staying in touch over the years. I used to believe Jerry Seinfeld’s routine about not making any new friends over 30, but the last year has given the lie to that as some of the people who are now among my closest friends were people I didn’t even know before turning 40 (shoutout to the SW’s!!).

But through it all there is something special about my oldest friends, the people who remember me with braces, crushes, and velour shirts, the people who have been there for the hearbreak and the laughing-so-hard-you-have-to-pee moments (when sometimes, sadly, you do). For all that and more, Sherry deserves 100% on the test. And I’m so grateful to all my friends — old and new, near and far, “real” and cyber — you mean the world to me.

And now…the test, with correct answers and commentary:

1. My first summer job was:

-at Camp? No…probably my second, though!

-at McDonalds? No…I’ve never worked in fast food, and I’m glad, because I’d be terrible at it.

-in the bindery? Yes! My dad’s a printer. And what a job to make a girl appreciate the value of higher education.

-in a fish plant? Nope … never did that either.

2. My favourite high school teacher was:

-Mr. Hodder, Science

-Mr. Marks, English

-Mrs. Changte, English

-Mr. Janes, History — CORRECT! This was the question Jason got wrong. Can’t really blame him since I didn’t know him then.

3. My original choice of college major was:

-English — No. Obvious but wrong — I loved English, but for some reason resisted adding it as a second major till my junior year.

History — Yes.

-Education — Although I’ve been a teacher all my adult life, for reasons too tedious to explain, I never got an undergraduate education degree.

-Marine Biology — Science of any kind is, I’m afraid, out of my league.

4. My favourite guilty pleasure is:

-Eating anything chocolate — Yes! I don’t think anyone who knows me got this wrong.

Watching reality TV — Oh, so very much not.

-Getting a manicure/pedicure — See answer above for reality TV.

Reading romance novels — I occasionally do, but not enough to rate it as a major guilty pleasure.

5. The talent I would most love to have is:

-Sewing — heck no. I’m relieved I can’t do it: that way no-one expects me to.

-Playing tennis — not really.

Singing — Yes! I long to sing. I have my concert programme picked out for the morning I wake up miraculously able to carry a tune.

-Playing the flute — nope.

6. The piece of technology I’d be least able to live without is:

-Cellphone — close, but not quite.

Internet access — Yes! This is another no-brainer for those who know me well.

-iPod — no, because it’s Jason’s…

Juicer — ha! This was the joker in the pack. Remind me to tell you our juicer story sometime…

7. The worst thing about my first teaching job was:

-Teaching 18-year-olds when I was only 21  — Yes. Harrowing. I’ve blogged about this recently.

-Having to live on-campus at Kingsway — No, this was one of the cooler things about the job.

-Hanging out for endless hours with Jamie and Cathy — This was THE coolest thing.

-Being away from home — I was homesick, yes, but also at the right age to be out on my own … not a disadvantage really.

8. Leisure activity I’m least likely to be found doing:

-Reading — No. Reading is life.

-Surfing the web — No. Surfing the web is … sort of like life.

-Attending a water fitness class — No, this is one of the few forms of exercise I actually enjoy.

Gardening — Yes. A couple of years ago I decided to stop feeling guilty about not gardening and boy, does it feel good.

9. My first published book was:


-Esther: A Story of Courage

-All My Love, Kate — Yes! Written when I was 18 and published when I was 20, it was my little teensy coming-of-age novel. 

-The Violent Friendship of Esther Johnson

10. My retirement plan is to:

-Buy a condo in Florida — Please, shoot me first.  Nice for some people, but not my thang…

-Live on a canal boat in England — I’d go canal boating again for a vacation, but not as a long-term thing. Better than a condo in Florida though!

-Travel North America on a Honda Goldwing — Yes. Those who know best know that the plan also includes going from one Habitat build to another …

Sleep a lot — No. Well, yeah, that too, but if that were my whole retirement dream, it’d be pretty sad.

(I think this last question was the one most people got wrong. Apparently I seem more like the sleep-in-a-lot kind of future-retiree than the motorcycle-riding kind.  Interestingly, my mother got this right, although I’m sure she shook her head sadly while clicking it.  But as some nice retired people told me recently about their Goldwing, “It’s such a respectable motorcycle!)


5 thoughts on “Trivia and True Friends

  1. I still can’t believe I got so many wrong…I guess that’s what comes from living 4 or 5 days away!

  2. Nah … I could have designed a test you would have gotten 100% on, easily. It’s all a matter of what secrets a person knows about you ….

  3. I laughed at that last one until I had tears. I don’t know if I should tell Steve about the Goldwing being a respectable motorcycle or not… It’s his dream trip–all over Canada on a Goldwing.
    Do you have your bike license?? I have mine, but I haven’t been on a bike in almost two years. I need a refresher.
    And I’m guilty of not doing the test. Though I would have guessed 1 correct, 2 would have been random, 3 and 4 would have been right, 5 guess, 6, 7, 8 would have been right, 9 a guess and 10 I would have done the boat. How could I not know you are a biker babe???

  4. No, Natalie, Steve is too young to know that the Goldwing is the retired person’s respectable bike!! Don’t tell him … yet.

    I don’t have a bike license and have never been on one except as a passenger, but I really want to learn … that’s a project for my 40s. I do realize that I need to start learning on something smaller than a Goldwing!

  5. I learned on a put-put 125. Man, was I cool. I think I’m ready for a 250 now. LOL!

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