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Happy Father’s Day…


Again with the apostrophe and not knowing where to put it. Is it Father’s Day … the day of Father? Fathers’ Day … the day of Fathers? Or maybe even Fathers Day with no apostrophe at all, though that just looks wrong….

Anyway. We have had another weekend of glorious weather and have once again spent it playing outdoors, having adventures, going to movies, squirting water guns, biking, relaxing, hanging with friends, laughing, bickering, getting frustrated, getting foolish, and generally living every moment of the last forty-eight hours as a family. There’s really not much to blog about except that I can’t let the third Sunday in June go by without wishing a Happy Father’s Day to two of the best men I know: my dad and my husband.

I have always counted myself lucky to have my father for a father: he taught me so many things and we always managed to have a good laugh doing it. I wrote a bit more about him back on his 70th birthday and tried to express how much he means to me, so here I’ll just say that he’s a wonderful man who loves words, books, laughter, my mom and me, and I couldn’t ask for anything more.

As for Jason, the fact that I thought he’d be a good dad to our theoretical future children was a major selling point when I married him, and he has proven over and over again what a good choice that was.  I know lots of women, even in this enlightened post-feminist era, who are struggling to do most of the parenting work alone, with a husband who appears only on the sidelines.  I truly cannot imagine what it would be like to do this incredibly difficult and rewarding job without a partner who has been giving 100% ever since he changed the first diaper in the hospital on the first day of Christopher’s life.  He is clearly in this for the long haul and I think choosing him to be the father of my children was the smartest choice I’ve ever made.

So Happy Father’s Day to my father and my husband. If my son can grow up to be as good a man as either of you, I’ll be satisfied.


2 thoughts on “Happy Father’s Day…

  1. What a beautiful tribute! Happy Father’s Day Jas!

  2. Hi Trudy,
    Thank you for the kind remarks.
    My wish for you is that your children bring you as much joy as you’ve brought me.

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