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Bloggin’ the 28 (or, how did I get myself into THIS?)

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The Spectrum blog has started an interesting new summer project which they’re calling Campmeeting 2.0: Bloggin’ the 28 Adventist Beliefs. The idea is that a bunch of bloggers each takes one of the 28 fundamental beliefs of the Seventh-day Adventist Church, and writes a blog post about the ethical implications of that belief. Posts will appear on participants’ blogs on Tuesdays and Fridays during the summer, and each participant will link to the others as they post.

Sounds like a great idea. These bloggers could mostly be described as liberal Adventists, a category into which I fit nicely. Unfortunately, most of them could also be described as theologians, scholars, and Very Smart People … and I have a problem fitting at least two of those three categories. Julius Nam (who I find I have a hard time saying no to…) invited me to participate, and I blithely said yes, thinking, “Oooh, a chance to ramble on about issues of interest and importance to me!” After committing myself, I began actually reading the other bloggers’ posts and realized these people were NOT rambling. They were writing intelligent, coherent scholarly treatises. Some even had footnotes!

Oh dear.

My turn doesn’t come around till August 17, so we’ll see if I manage to be scholarly before then or if I take things in a whole different direction (and justify my intellectual vagaries by calling them “postmodern.”) In the meantime, here’s the list of who’s writing about what as it currently stands. The posts that have already been posted are links, and I’ll update as new ones appear.

Bloggin’ the 28

1. Holy Scriptures: Charles Scriven
2. Trinity: Johnny Ramirez-Johnson
3. Father:
(not sure who’s doing this one)
4. Son: Trudy Morgan-Cole (coming RIGHT HERE August 17!!!)

5. Holy Spirit:
(not sure who’s doing this yet either)
6. Creation
: Jared Wright (coming July 24!)
7. Nature of Man
: Sherman Cox II
8. Great Controversy
: Richard Doss
9. Life, Death, and Resurrection of Christ
: Ron Osborn
10. Experience of Salvation
: Sharon Fujimoto-Johnson
11. Growing in Christ:
Trevan Osborn
12. Church
: Ryan Bell
13. Remnant and Its Mission: Johnny A. Ramirez (his blog is called “Johnny’s Cache.” How much do I love that?)
14. Unity in the Body of Christ: Trisha Famisaran (the first entry in this series by a woman is aptly titled “Gender Inequality is a Barrier to Unity in the Body of Christ” … you go girl!!)
15. Baptism: Ryan Bell
16. Lord’s Supper: Bill Cork (coming July 20!)
17. Spiritual Gifts and Ministries: Marcel Schwantes (coming Aug. 24)
18. The Gift of Prophecy: Alexander Carpenter (coming Aug. 7)
19. Law of God: Nathan Blake
20. Sabbath: Brian Swarts
21. Stewardship: Jared Wright (coming Aug. 3!)
22. Christian Behavior: Chris Blake
23. Marriage and the Family: Carrol Grady / Siroj Sorajjakool (coming Aug. 10 — I will be very interested to see what Carrol has to say on this topic!)
24. Christ’s Ministry in the Heavenly Sanctuary : Marty Thurber / David Hamstra
25. Second Coming of Christ: Nathan Brown
26. Death and Resurrection: David Larson (coming Aug. 21)

27. Millennium and the End of Sin: Ed Guzman
28. New Earth: Monte Sahlin

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