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Wedding Bells and All That


Just a brief note to say hi again from Seattle and to report that the wedding we came to attend went off brilliantly. Emma rose to the occasion as flower girl and seemed to thoroughly enjoy the whole day (although she was a little disappointed that the promised limo ride didn’t work out, as the air conditioning was busted in the stretch limo and the bride and bridesmaids had to be ferried to the church in a van owned by the limo service. But she coped.) Christopher also did his part well, carrying in the cross at the head of the procession. I have two short video clips on YouTube for those so inclined: one featuring Chris and one featuring Emma.

When the ceremony was over we went to the reception and partied late into the night, as the kids got progressively sleepier and sleepier (not having a vehicle of our own, we weren’t free to leave early which we would have done otherwise). Everybody had a great time and now the “responsibility” part of our vacation is over and the “kick back and relax” part begins.


3 thoughts on “Wedding Bells and All That

  1. Chris looks very handsome, and like a teenager, and Emma looks very cute and (I’m relieved to say) like a pretty little girl. So far not a Little Miss Sunshine event! Nice to have a bride who’s taste you can trust. The drumming was good too. Enjoy your camping. It’s a hot muggy day in old St. John’s.

  2. You have beautiful children.

  3. The kids look gorgeous. Miss you.

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