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The Interactive SprintNovel


Lots of you already know about this, and I’ve made a brief reference to it before, but (for those of you not on Facebook who didn’t get my invitation) this is the official announcement:

This Saturday night and Sunday morning, August 18 and 19, I will be writing a novel in 16 hours.  I’ll be doing this as part of the Eastern Edge Gallery’s 24-hour Art Marathon, where artists gather to produce an original piece of work in 24 hours or less.

I will begin at 8:00 p.m. on Saturday evening, and finish by noon on Sunday, working through the night.  My cousin Jennifer Morgan, the gifted visual artist, will create illustrations on the spot to go along with what I’m writing.  We will be encouraging people to get involved by helping with the illustrations and making suggestions about characters, locations, and plot twists — for a modest fee, which will go to benefit the Eastern Edge Gallery.

If you’re in the St. John’s area, I would love to see you, so please drop by sometime Saturday night or Sunday morning! If you’re far away, send good wishes and maybe a few plot ideas that I can throw in.  All I know at this point is that the story is going to be a romance novel, but it will probably include a lot of racing around the globe and some time-travel so that I’ll be able to fit in any ideas people throw at me.  It might start as a romance but end up as a mystery, a thriller, a sci-fi novel — who knows?

What I need right now — and what I need your help with — is a title.  By Tuesday morning (Newfoundland time) I want to have chosen a title so that Jennifer can design a cover ahead of time.  If you have any great suggestions for a title for this novel, please leave them in the comments section.  I will take all the suggestions I’ve received (from here and from the Facebook page) and draw a title at random.  Then on Saturday night, the fun begins!


3 thoughts on “The Interactive SprintNovel

  1. What a neat idea! Good Luck!

  2. Thanks Nadine! So, no title suggestions anyone? Well, the deadline has passed and I have selected a title from those posted on Facebook … the novel will be titled:

    “The Powers that Be.”

    If anyone would like to suggest a good snappy opening line, or first names for my male and female main characters, feel free to post them here — I will be selecting those from the suggestions I receive, also!

  3. Great idea -sounds fun!

    No ideas from me, though, at this time of day. It is early morning for us…

    Have a great time!

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