Quick Update…

It’s been a remarkably full weekend and I have a busy week ahead as the kids and I enjoy our last week of vacation while getting ready to go back to school. Some of the highlights of our weekend included a walk/bike-ride to and around Mundy Pond (we now have a good system where Jason and the kids ride their bikes while I walk Max — it gets Max included and leaves me out of the bike-riding, which I’ve never enjoyed); our friend Darryl’s 40th birthday BBQ; another walk with just me and Max, this time around Quidi Vidi; a family trip to Cirque de Soleil (awesome! amazing!! magical!!!); and a pre-birthday dinner-and-movie date with Sherry (we went to see Becoming Jane, which I liked better than either the critics or the hardcore Jane Austen fans did. James McAvoy is HAWT).

So with all that on the go over the past two days and a busy week ahead, I don’t have a whole lot of time for blogging, but will manage to have a Deep Thought or two later this week. I have been reading through it all, of course, so I have a couple of new book reviews up at Compulsive Overreader for you to check out.

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