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Me on … Living NL


OK, I’m still not quite as famous as my book-touring son, but I did get interviewed by the local TV show Living NL awhile back — a three-minute segment on how to start your own blog. It aired tonight, and I almost forgot to watch it until my mom reminded me at the last minute. Fortunately, it’s online, so if you want to see me talking about blogging, go here and look about 1/3 of the way through the episode. I don’t know how long they keep the old episodes online, so watch while you can!

(Update: The show is gone from the site now, so that link won’t take you to it anymore. Sorry).

4 thoughts on “Me on … Living NL

  1. I couldn’t get it to work! *gnashing my teeth*

  2. Oh, I’m so sorry. I don’t know why … works fine on my computer, but it’s probably one of them quirky internet thangs.

  3. Great interview, Trudy! She asked easy, relevant questions, which is at least half the battle for the interviewee not to sound dumb on the air. You did fine.

  4. Cool!

    But it was strange for me to hear your accent after not speaking to you in real life on a regular basis.

    It also made me feel ashamed that I’ve not been updating my blog at all!

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