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You’d Think I’d Get Used To It…


…but I never do.

If you live in a place all your life, you’d expect to become hardened to its downsides — like long, cold, wet winters — and blase about the beautiful things, like blazing amazing maple trees in October.

But no. Even if I drive past a scene like this every morning while dropping my kids off at school, it never ceases to astonish me. October, like life, is too fleeting to take the glorious moments for granted.


7 thoughts on “You’d Think I’d Get Used To It…

  1. Beautiful!

    When I lived in BC I loved everything about it. The only thing I missed, though, was the colour of the trees in autumn. Sure, they had leaves that changed to yellow. All yellow. But there weren’t many maples or oaks where I lived, and so we didn’t see the vibrant colours that these trees provided.

    Granted, the Daffodils displaying all their glory in mid-February made up for it…

  2. It’s been so warm here (sorry Trudy), that the leaves haven’t changed much. I can’t wait for our leaves in this area to look like the pictures you posted. Beautiful. I LOVE fall!

  3. I swear I was driving today and having my breath stolen by the beauty of the fall and thinking I should blog about it because it knocks me out every year. Then my next thought was “before Trudy gets to it”. I laughed out loud when I went to your page and saw the fall pics. I knew before I read a word.

  4. Me too, Trudy. I caught my breath today, just driving down the road to town. The trees were so gorgeous.

  5. (sigh)

    Yes. It is breathtaking. I have a maple in my backyard that literally glows this time of year. But, for me, it is bittersweet, for I struggle to enjoy winter. Autumn is simply the sweet taste of wine preceding the dead reckoning of the hangover the morning after.

    Spring, on the other hand, is MY season. Growth, life, inspiration… with summer to look forward to.

  6. Steve, I’m very much with you about winter. For me, enjoying the leaves is a conscious attempt to put a positive spin on fall rather than spending all my energy dreading winter!

    Thanks for the comments everyone … Catherine, I guess I can forgive you for saying how warm it is in ON, but Jamie, please don’t mention those daffodils when February rolls around.

  7. Well…the daffodils in February were strictly a BC phenomenon in my experience. Now that I live in Ontario, I have to wait for the REAL Spring like everyone else.

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