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A “Good” Sick Day is when…


…you’re sick enough to legitimately stay off work, so you don’t feel guilty, but not so sick that you’re actually miserable and in pain.

…it’s a really slack day at work so you know you’re not missing anything major, or getting behind on things, by staying home.

…the kids are in school and your husband’s free to leave work early and come home when they do, so you don’t have to do any actual parenting.

…the aforementioned husband has just been sick for a couple of weeks and you’ve been absolutely devoted, waiting on him hand and foot, so he knows exactly what’s expected when it’s his turn.

…you have unwatched Rome episodes on DVD.

…you have a new book to read, and a few others as backup in case that one doesn’t grab you.

…all your friends are playing Facebook Scrabble.

…it’s Friday, with a three-day weekend ahead, so you know you’ll get a nice, long, quiet recovery.

Ahhh yes. The best possible kind of sick day.


3 thoughts on “A “Good” Sick Day is when…

  1. Feel better soon, although not too soon from the sounds of things!

  2. That explains the fast and furious scrabble plays…

  3. Yeah, and I’m using my illness as an excuse for how bad you’re beating me….

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