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Then it Occurred to Me…

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I was going around this afternoon really congratulating myself on how organized I am today … how caught up I am on annoying little tasks, how tidy the house is, how I have all the laundry done, how I even sorted my sock drawer at long last. I wandered about in a virtual cloud of self-congratulation, till it occurred to me…

I was off sick Friday, then we had a long weekend, then I stayed home with Chris who was sick today. I’ve been in the house for FIVE DAYS. I should hope I’ve managed to get things organized!!!!

Not to minimize the accomplishments of the stay at home moms out there, because I’ve done that gig and it has its challenges but … honestly, if I’ve got five straight days at home the least I should be able to do is run some laundry, make a few phone calls and match up the socks. It’s not that big an accomplishment.

Oh well. I can’t remember who said it first, but I’ll quote them anyway. Some people have delusions of grandeur; I have delusions of adequacy.


One thought on “Then it Occurred to Me…

  1. ROFL!

    I don’t have delusions of adequacy. I’ve been home for many days in a row, and my socks aren’t matched up. I just go sock-mining every morning.

    Nope, no delusions here. I’m cheerfully inadequate when it comes to running a household.

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