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Exciting New Year’s Book Giveaway


Between now and January 6, I will be having my first ever contest for readers of Hypergraffiti. Five winners will be chosen, and those five people can choose as a prize any book from my list of Top Ten Best Books I Read This Year (as listed at my book blog, Compulsive Overreader). Here’s how it works:

Look at the header of this blog (if you’re reading in a feed, you have to actually click to the blog to make this work). On the shelf behind my head are about 50 books. The large ones right behind my head are photo albums: don’t worry about those. There’s another section of books I wrote myself: ignore those; they don’t count for contest purposes. From the other books behind me on the shelf, how many can you identify (title and author’s name)?

Use whatever technical wizardry is at your disposal to enlarge the photo if that will help (but the resolution is poor, so it may not). Any of these spines look familiar, even if you can’t pick out the words?

Five people who can send me a list of FIFTEEN of the books pictured on the shelf behind my head (excluding the ones I wrote), will win any book they choose from this year’s Top Ten list. Don’t put your list in the comments; email it to me at trudyj65@hotmail.com . Good luck; I hope I get to send out some books!


4 thoughts on “Exciting New Year’s Book Giveaway

  1. Okay, so far I’ve spotted:
    — an Anne of Green Gables coloring book.
    A Brief History of the Seventh-day Adventist Church in Newfoundland (volumes 1-12, with volume 7 missing).
    Industrial Explosives — the User’s Manual (2nd edition)
    — and The Collected Poems of William Wordsworth, with commentary by Stephen King.

    How am I doing so far?

  2. Should I amend that to: Don’t put your list in the comments, unless it’s completely ridiculous??

    Come on Pastor Greg, I’m sure you can do better, and there’s probably even a book in the prize list that you’d enjoy reading! Send me an email!!

  3. And where did you ever find an original Gutenberg Bible in paperback?

  4. My dad’s a printer. Inside job.

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