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Shameless Brag


First: Don’t forget the contest!  Win books! Win books!! Books are our friends!!!

Now: Shameless brag-video-clip time. Jason, Christopher, and my dad playing in church this morning on guitar, violin and mandolin. I think they sounded great! My camera work is not so great though — it’s a little out of focus. Still well worth watching though!

We got a big load of snow dumped on all day yesterday and there’s more coming tonight. What a waste of perfectly good snow — arriving when we’re all off work/school anyway! The kids are happy with it though. They have exciting nights coming up tonight as Chris has a friend over for a sleepover, and Emma is going OUT for her first non-grandparent sleepover (at a friend’s house). Wild excitement ’round these parts. Hope all the sleepovers go well without any meltdowns … but I think I can manage to hold it together!!!


3 thoughts on “Shameless Brag

  1. N’ow’t wrong with a bit of bragging now and again. The performance had a real down-to-earth (dare I say?) Canadian feel to it. The wee boy is doing well on the violin and that was an interesting instrument the guy on the left was playing; very sweet.

  2. Pretty impressive violin playing there. I’m not used to seeing a kid that age playing a violin in tune.

  3. That’s awesome! They sound lovely together, and I think Christopher’s blue violin is very cool!

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