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Wayfaring Stranger


I’m not sure if I got all excited and announced this back when it happened, but several months ago I learned that a short story of mine, “Wayfaring Stranger,” had won third prize in the Antigonish Review’s short fiction contest. Since literary short fiction is not really my forte I was pleasantly surprised to win, and it gave me a much-needed writing-ego boost at a time when I was feeling that all was gloom and despair on the writing/publishing front.

The story has finally been published in their online as well as their print edition, so I’m going to post a link to it, but with the disclaimer that the story may not be everyone’s cup of tea. It does deal with (as they say in the movies) “mature themes” and some mature (or immature!) language as well, so click with caution. I know that some people who know me mainly as an “inspirational writer” might not enjoy this story. Personally I think it is inspirational — I wouldn’t have written it otherwise — it seems to me a very grace-filled story about Incarnation and redemption. But I can see how not everyone would read it that way. It’s also what I call a “DVD extra” for my unpublished novel Prone to Wander — a scene that’s not actually in the novel, but could have been.

Wayfaring Stranger

For other sorts of reading, please check in regularly with Compulsive Overreader as I’m starting to post reviews of the non-fiction books I’m reading for Lent this year.

4 thoughts on “Wayfaring Stranger

  1. Thank you for a touching and poignant story.

  2. Beautiful. It evoked much of the same feelings in me that “Prone to Wander” did (which makes sense).

    Those feelings are familiar in other ways now, too, and sometimes stories like this make me realize that such feelings are okay and to be expected.

  3. Yay, Wayfaring Stranger. I loved it and hope it encourages you to get Prone to Wander out to the world so everyone can enjoy what is a very memorable, relatable, enjoyable, special book.

  4. Thanks for the comments everyone … it means a lot.

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