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One Week to Go!!

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Till we leave for Australia, that is. As if you didn’t know that.

It’s ironic that I’m here in the midst of Lent and I’m rushed off my feet. I wrote a blog once about how “Lent” was the French word for “Slow” and I find this midwinter season to be a slow time, a time for reflection and spiritual growth. Ha! Not this year. Although any working mom with two kids in school is going to be a busy person, I try hard to structure my life so I don’t feel like I’m racing around like a crazy person. But these last few weeks have definitely been crazy.

Besides going to Australia, we are having a major bathroom renovation — the one we’ve been planning for the 13 years we’ve owned the house — done, with most of the work getting done while we’re away. Jason is deep into preparations for the renovation just as I am deep into preparations for the trip (we work best when we each work in our own spheres of expertise and trust each other a lot!) Work on the bathroom — our ONLY bathroom — begins a little before we leave, so we have to move out of our house for a couple of days while getting ready for the trip — that’s convenient. And of course on top of the usual work and home chores, I have three major freelance jobs that need to be finished before we go — thus earning the money that makes both the trip and the reno possible.

Being able to do both these things is a wonderful blessing and I’m not going to complain too much about the craziness and upheaval of getting ready for both — only to say that this is not a particularly slow or reflective season! I am still getting through my LentBooks reading list — check it out at Compulsive Overreader.

I need to tell you that while I was writing this, Jason came in with a colour card for the bathroom walls and I picked the colour I wanted from it in about 5 seconds. Not being a perfectionist is my main survival technique.


One thought on “One Week to Go!!

  1. Third time trying to post this same comment…

    So THAT’S where you’ve been (okay, it was only 5 days between postings, but it seemed like forever!)

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