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Mighty Fine Music


I’m still pretty busy, but dashing by to put in a quick plug …

I know not everyone in my vast readership is into Christian music, and not everyone is into country music, but if you happen to be in the lucky subgroup that likes both (like me), please do your ears a favour and check out these guys:

They are High Valley — Curtis, Bryan and Brad Rempel from LaCrete, Alberta. They just played a concert here in St. John’s and I had the privilege of introducing them. I didn’t know a whole lot about their music until a few weeks ago but they are just fantastic and they deserve to go far (as if driving from Alberta to St. John’s in a tour van isn’t “far” already!). It was a very enjoyable concert and I wish them all the best on the rest of their tour.


6 thoughts on “Mighty Fine Music

  1. See, now you have tempted me to drive to see them on Good Friday when they will be in PA. It is a 2 1/2 hour drive–one way– but I think it would be lovely way to think and I need that right about now. But gas is expensive right now. I won’t tell you how much because I’m sure that NJ gas is cheaper than anywhere else, but five hours is a lot of gas. Oh, well, I’ll make that decision closer to the date. But I am so tempted….

  2. Sharon, you will NOT regret it if you go … honest and true.

  3. Further note … isn’t the Good Friday show along with Jeff and Sheri Easter? That’s a double bill I would drive quite a ways to see.

  4. Sharon, you can always grab a few of your girlfriends and make a road trip out of it!!! That works, doesn’t it Trudy? Remember Russ Taff? 🙂

  5. I remember the Russ Taff Road Trip! As for High Valley. These guys really are worth the drive, they have a story and style that is really Farm Boy Quiet, but very credible, and their music is toe-tapping gospel style country. Wonderful mandolin playing.

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