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The Timeslayer


Hi all … I am just killing some time in Toronto aiport as we wait for the last of our flights home … very very late tonight. Even then we won’t really be “Home” as our bathroom reno is still ongoing and we will have to stay with family for a few more days.  Despite that we are glad to be back in Canada and to have the worst part of the return trip — the endless Sydney-Vancouver flight, then Vancouver to Toronto — over with.  The trip was so great and I will post more pics later, along with stories from the last week, when internet access was sketchy and I couldn’t post much. Here in the airport it’s sketchy AND expensive, so I’m not going to kill anymore time posting now. I’ll just say that it was the experience of a lifetime to go to Australia and I’m so glad we did but I’m just as glad to be getting home!!


3 thoughts on “The Timeslayer

  1. And your silly mother said you’d be too jet lagged to post today …

  2. …she underestimates the depths of my internet addiction…

  3. Okay, so now that we know you are safely in the borders of Canada…when is your next REAL post??? More stories about your trip please…

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