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Media Idol


No, sadly, I am not a contestant on Media Idol. But someone I know is … Paul Taylor, from VOAR Christian Radio. If he wins the local competition (by getting the most votes — if it was on talent alone he’d definitely win!) his charity of choice gets $1000. The best part is — his charity of choice is the St. Andrews Breakfast Program — a program that I and some others at the school and at my church have been working to start (this is the school my kids attend, in a low-income neighbourhood where a lot of children need a free breakfast). So, help us out by voting for Paul — you can vote multiple times between now and Friday night! Click on the tab for “St. John’s” and you can even watch him sing!



2 thoughts on “Media Idol

  1. I voted for him based entirely on my trust in your good judgment, because it would let me see anything because I am outside Canada.

  2. Thanks for the votes, Sharon and everyone … despite representing the smallest media organization of the six competitors, Paul won, and now we’ll get $1000 for the breakfast program!! He also gets to compete nationally, and the prize there is $10,000 for his charity of choice, so once the national voting starts I’ll be bugging you to vote for him again!!!

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