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Nu Shooz


I believe I have explained before that the feminine gene that supposedly makes all women fascinated with clothes and shopping has been completely left out of my makeup (probably to make room for more books). It’s rare for me to make a clothes purchase, and even rarer to get excited about one. Rarer still if it’s in the footwear department.

But I do make exceptions:

The concept of “retail therapy” is pretty much alien to me. In fact, after a little while in retail outlets, I need therapy to recover. Much chicklit leaves me cold because I cannot fathom the concept of going shoe-shopping to make yourself feel better. I have only ever once in my life had a day so bad and a pair of shoes so appealing intersect at the point where I bought them to make myself feel better. That was over 20 years ago and I don’t expect the experience to be repeated anytime soon.

But I am happy with the sandals I just ordered online from L.L. Bean, pictured above.

I wear sneakers or boots every day in winter, except for one pair of semi-dressy flat shoes that I wear to church. In the summer I need a pair of good sandals. I had a lovely pair that were a hand-me-down from my mom and were quite comfortable for walking, although not waterproof so I couldn’t go in and out of the water in them as I like to do in summer. They fell apart completely in Australia and I bought another pair to replace them, but these were not good sturdy walking sandals, so I knew I would need something new.

I decided to throw down for a pair of sandals that actually cost a few dollars (rather than something at Wal-Mart that wouldn’t last the summer) and ordered what looked like a nice pair from LL Bean. They’re sturdy enough for walking, and a snug fit too so they won’t flop around when I walk. And they’re waterproof and quick-drying, so hopefully they’ll be good for beach and cabin in the summer. I gave them a tryout today since we were having a delightfully balmy spring day (by Newfoundland standards — 13 degrees and sunshine) and they stood up to pavement, gravel, mud, slush and even a little icy water (OK, turned out it wasn’t really a good day for sandals — spring is in the air but winter is still on the ground). Apart from the fact that they’re comfortable, I’m in love with the way they look. They are sturdy and sensible but also, I think, funky and cute. My only concession is that I probably won’t wear them to church. At least, not every week.

Here’s where I recognize that I’m missing that crucial feminine gene. I should be thinking, “What great shoes! Maybe I should buy a couple of more pairs in different colours … to go along with my dressier sandals, and my sneakers … I need new sneakers too … and maybe another pair of church shoes for spring and summer….” Instead I’m thinking: “Great — that’s footwear sorted for the summer — I’ll put them on in June and take them off sometime in early October. No worries!”

Have I reached the bottom of the blogging barrel by blogging about my footwear? I just realized this is the third time I’ve shown you a picture of my feet. (The sandals in that second picture are the ones that died in Western Australia). Maybe I do have a shoe obsession after all.  Of course, today’s picture also shows that despite my advancing years (42 of them, advancing towards 43) I can still lie back on my bed, stick my feet straight up in the air above me and snap a picture of them. That alone may be worth recording for posterity. 


5 thoughts on “Nu Shooz

  1. When it comes to shoes, I’m pretty much a serial monogamist. I may have for or five pairs, but I pretty much just wear one. My Docs lasted me well over 10 years (2 pairs…when one got to worn out looking, I got another pair exactly the same).

    The shoes I have now are not as comfortable, and clearly won’t last as long, but I figured after 10 years the shoes I was wearing MUST have gone out of style (though I have no way of knowing). I’ve been thinking I should get another colour, but I suspect that if I did, they’d sit in the closet with the other perfectly good shoes that fit me.

    By the way, I like your new shoes.

  2. As a Podiatrist, I found this blog entry particularly interesting. You claim that writing about your shoes might be indicative is nearing the proverbial barrow bottom. I tend to disagree.

    It seems to me Trudy, that your female shopping gene, still lays dormant and continues to be significantly repressed.

    Now if this said gene, were to become active, or demonstrate more dominance, we would be presented with a different manifestation than we have observed so far.

    Now it have been many years since I last perused my Mendelian genetics text, but if you were showing signs of the dominant shopping gene, I would expect this……

    Boy, these are dandy little red shoes, I need a purse to match, oh and for the beach(you do have those?) a nice coordinating beach bag, that I could carry my red towel in and those nifty red framed sunglasses. These shoes would surego nice with that little red Mazda Miata I saw forsale down town, and twith the top down, I most definitely will need a red kerchief, or maybe a Cincinatti Reds ball cap.

    See Trudy, I think that even though you purchased some lovely(albeit totally practical) summer shoegear. Seems to me that the shopping gene is still repressed.

    What I find most impressive is you being able to still stick your legs straight up at 42(almost 43) and hold the camera still. Like you said, worth noting.

  3. Randy, I didn’t expect to get a comment from a podiatrist! Do you approve of the L.L. Bean sandals? I think it says a lot about my priorities that I’m so eager for the podiatrist’s stamp of approval on my shoes….

  4. Trudy,

    Without doing a biomechanical evaluation, and a gait analysis, to determine supinatory, or pronatory tendencies specific to you, it would be difficult to give a professional opinion.

    That being said, my criteria for appropriateness regarding shoes tends to be less rigid than many.

    Are they comfortable? Do you like them? Its pretty simple really.

    Now in my house, there are added criteria by those manifesting the feminine gene. These additional criteria include, Are they cute?, and how do they look with these capri’s?

    Your particular sandals seem to meet the stated requirements on all accounts.

    As a side note just to give you a smile, we had five inches of fresh snow in Kelowna last night, and its still coming down. God’s sense of humour, Ha Ha funny

  5. Don’t worry, I know lots of people who blog about clothes and shoes, and have pictures of their feet on their blog.

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