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Under the Right Circumstances…


This is really an addendum to my earlier post about my reading addiction, but since there’s a photo I’ll make it into a post of its own.

Emma was playing with her Polly Pocket dolls on the Polly Hip Cruise Ship (if you don’t have a daughter, don’t ask) the other day. She had set one of them up on the top deck of the ship, reclining on a chaise lounge, in what would have been full sunlight had it been, you know, an actual cruise ship. She called me over to see.

“Now mom,” she said, “if this was real, and if you had a book to read, would you want to be there?”

I couldn’t stop laughing as I assured her that yes, I would like that very much — with the all-important caveat. As she knew very well, my first thought on reclining in that lounge chair would have been, “What shall I read?”

Oh well. The one and only parenting task that I’m absolutely, 100% confident I have gotten right is that thing they always tell you about how important it is for your kids to see you reading. Check — got that covered.

My mom and dad are on a REAL cruise ship this week, and I hope they’re having a wonderful time, especially as my dad has to go for radiation when they get back, which is no fun at all. I hope they’re enjoying the sun just like the Polly People, and I’m pretty sure they both have a book to read.


4 thoughts on “Under the Right Circumstances…

  1. Tatiana and Taegan couldn’t figure out how other kids could possibly know what the temperature was going to be outside if their family didn’t even get a newspaper (I had to explain the concept of getting weather reports from the radio). Tatiana then explained to Taegan that we read it in the newspaper because we are a “reading family”.

  2. ‘Fess up now… you’d be there cause you think the dude in the yellow trunks with the orange headphones is HOT…and he might entice you to swim with the dolphins…all the while saying…”No Worries!” 🙂

  3. Strangely enough, Jamie, we ARE a reading family but not with newspapers … I get too irritated by how they pile up around the house, so my kids are used to listening to the weather on the radio or looking it up online.

    Sherry, the little dude in the trunks has potential, but he needs to stay out there a little longer and work on his tan. Still wish I’d taken a picture of Aussie Ben…although it wouldn’t have captured the accent which was the cutest part of all.

  4. Emma cracks me up!

    In your one post you commented on how you missed the “shoe gene”, apparantly my two older kids have missed the reading gene. They always see Dwayne and I reading, yet the only books Alex has read are the Harry Potter books, and Chris has read three or four Stephen King books. That’s it! Where did I go wrong! In a house with hundreds and hundreds of books. They have no desire to read. Both Dwayne and I read to them every night when they were wee tots. I don’t get it, I just don’t get it! I hope there is hope for Danielle.

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