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This is a placeholder blog. It’s not about any one of the many interesting subjects (mostly parenting-related) that have floated through my mind the last few days as possible interesting blog-topics. Nor is it about:

-the gorgeous, though erratic, spring weather we’re finally getting,

-how slack things are at school because all my students apparently think public exams are No Big Deal and not worth reviewing for, except for the handful of keeners who come regular for whom, because they are keeners and because they come regularly, exams actually are no big deal and they actually don’t need the review,

-how busy things are at home, with end-of-year activities for the kids, Jason down with a cold, much spring cleaning and throwing-out-of-stuff to be done,

-how I’m nearly through another revision of What You Want and still feeling generally happy about it.

Nope, not going to blog about any of that because there just isn’t time and I want to get that last scene of WYW nailed tonight, then get to sleep earlier than I have been. This is just a blog to say I’m still here; I haven’t forgotten you; I will live to blog again!!

Amongst all the rest (which will hopefully provide some promising blog-fodder for the future) I have been reading some good, thought-provoking books though … new reviews up at Compulsive Overreader with more to come in the next day or so.

Back to writing….


One thought on “Placeholder

  1. Well I’m glad to hear that ONE of us has been revising. My number one excuse: I’m running ragged after my oldest child who has soccer THIS and soccer THAT… soccer soccer soccer. I come home at night and collapse into my bed with a sigh just moments before I’m snoring. Number two excuse: The day jobbers are keeping me too busy to sneak in an edit or two.

    So I must revise vicariously through you!

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