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And So It Begins…


I am, as you probably know, a HUGE fan both of summer vacation, and of summer weather. We had some lovely summer weather earlier this week, though by the time my actual summer holidays started, on Friday, the weather had retreated and it was cold and drizzly again. No matter. I am glad the long summer vacation has begun, both for me and for the kids, and I am living in hope that the weather will return. In fact we are stepping out in faith and planning a backyard barbecue for tomorrow, and I’m wondering if my strict Christian monotheism can be adjusted to include a little prayer to some weather gods.

School got out very late here this year — the kids’ last day was the 26th, while for us teachers it was the 27th. This past Monday was a civic holiday, so we were all off school, and it was hot and sunny and really felt like a foretaste of summer holidays. The rest of the week we went back to school and work, but it was unconvincing and our hearts weren’t really in it — we were already more committed to things like biking down to Moo Moo’s for some ice cream, going to the playground, and making plans for summer activities.

I’ve never understood parents who bemoan their kids getting off school for the summer and can’t wait to send them back in September. It’s not that mine are perfect when they’re home together by the holidays — not by any means! In fact, I’ve already heard the first whine of “I’m booorred” for the season (followed up with the threat that any child who says “I’m boooorred” will be given a housework chore to do). I’ve just finished arbitrating a relatively major “He said, she said, somebody must be lying” dispute. And regulating TV and computer time to an absolute minimum is always a holiday challenge.

BUT, all that said, these issues are a small price to pay for the glorious freedom of not having to haul everyone out of bed in the morning, make sure they’re dressed in relatively clean clothes and have lunches, milk money, and homework, and run through the whole crazy-making routine five days a week. I enjoy the company of my kids, even when they drive me insane, and I enjoy the relaxed and unstructured days of July and August. Of course I enjoy them more if the temperature is 24 degrees and I’m bathed in brilliant sunshine, but I assure myself that that will come.

In the meantime, since I haven’t been able to do much basking in the sun since I actually got off work yesterday, I’ve been amusing myself in the following ways:

Taking the kids to Value Village (second hand store) to buy dress-up clothes. Christopher is going through an Indiana Jones phase lately and needed some items to pull his “look” together:

Figuring out what to do with the zillion items of artwork that came home from school in the kids’ art folders (I don’t know why I didn’t think of turning the downstairs hall into a gallery before!):

No picture of this (yet) but last night I got treated to a lovely dinner by one of my favourite students, who is graduating and whose dad (conveeeeniently) just happens to own one of the gourmet-est restaurants in town. Yes, it pays to be nice to those students!!

Despite the absence of warm weather, I am well into summer mode and can’t wait for the adventures the next two months will bring … watch this space for further reports!


2 thoughts on “And So It Begins…

  1. Ah, the end of June…my annual time of bitterness for having left the teaching profession–my great disappointment!

  2. Our summer break began June 1 and we’re in the thick of it. Oh, do I sympathize with you over the box of artwork that comes home with them. I got this tip somewhere and have implemented it successfuly:
    Take a picture of the artwork and display the photo prominently. You can then dispose of the artwork, but still assure your child that his or her work is precious. We can easily lose ourselves under mountains of paper and “stuff” if we give in. I have a love/hate relationship with summer.

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