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Biting the Big Apple


This weekend, Jason and I are off to New York City. He has to go to New Jersey for work, and I’m taking a couple of days to join him for a little kid-free fun and frolic in the big city. And what an auspicious time to go there!!

Twenty-odd years ago, I made my first trip to New York to meet up with my parents for American Thanksgiving weekend. We had a good time, but my main memory is that I spent the whole weekend terrified of getting mugged.

Five years ago, I made another trip, this time on my own — and didn’t worry at all about getting mugged! I spent two weeks in Brooklyn researching a novel (thank you very much, Newfoundland Arts Council, for making it possible). That novel, By the Rivers of Brooklyn, was a historical saga about three generations of a Newfoundland family and their experience of emigrating to New York.

That manuscript has been down many detours and side-roads since I sat in the Barnes and Noble coffee shop in Brooklyn writing scenes on my ancient laptop in 2003. But I am finally happy to announce that just yesterday the good folks at Breakwater Books made it official — they want to publish By the Rivers of Brooklyn. It will be released in 2009.

With any luck, maybe in a couple of years the book will have found an American publisher and I’ll be going back there to do a reading!! But that’s still far in the future…for now, I’m going to enjoy our celebratory trip to the Big Apple!


9 thoughts on “Biting the Big Apple

  1. Hey, congratulations! That’s awesome!

    Getting a novel published AND a trip to New York, that’s fantastic!

    Hope you have fun.

  2. That is WAY cool! I look forward to reading it!

  3. Woohoo! Congratulations!! Sign me up as a groupie when you go back in two years. This will be even better than Halifax.

  4. By the rivers of Brooklyn,
    There we sat down,
    And there we wept
    When we remembered Newfoundland.

    (Is that the allusion?)

  5. Yes David, that’s the allusion!! It’s about the whole emigrant experience, that sense of exile and loss and yet never really being able to go back “home” again.

    Thanks for the good wishes, everyone. Sherry, you can definitely come along if there’s ever a New York Tour!!!

  6. I want to go to the Serendipity Store for their Frozen Hot Chocolate….among other things to check out. 🙂

  7. I briefly thought of taking an 8 hour drive down to New York City to visit you…but life got in the way!

  8. Congrats. Great news about your book!

  9. Yeah! I can’t wait to read it!!

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