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Fame, She is a Fickle Mistress…


Emma and I both had brushes with Fame this week.

Remember my post about trying to give up disposable plastics for a week? Since it was written in response to a challenge on CBC’s national morning radio program The Current, I dropped The Current a line to let them know about my blog post. And sure enough, on Wednesday afternoon when I was up at our church camp selling ice cream cones to people who should have been far too cold and wet to want them, as a Pathfinder fundraiser — I got a call from a producer at The Current!! She said they were thinking of doing a follow-up to the item on plastic, and would I mind recording a short interview?

Would I mind? A chance to TALK ON NATIONAL RADIO?!?!?!?! A dream come true. Of course, the actual dream is where Shelagh Rogers interviews me about my latest novel, but hey, I’d take Jim Brown talking to me about plastic bags if that’s what it takes to get the Fame and Glory!!

Producer said she’d check and see if they could fit the item into the next day’s show, and she’d call me back.

I waited. And waited. All evening, clutching my cellphone like it was my lifeline. She never called. I guess they didn’t have space for the item — or they found a more interesting anti-plastic blogger to talk to.

Then yesterday, Emma and I were out at the library. On the way back we stopped to feed the ducks at the nearby pond, and were delighted to see a mother duck with seven baby ducklings. As we left the pond we were stopped by a Telegram photographer who had snapped a picture of Emma feeding the ducks and wanted to know could she have our permission to run it in the next day’s paper … if space permitted.

Emma was wildly excited, but mindful of the concept of a “slow news day” and my crushing disappointment with The Current, I warned her that it might not appear. First thing this morning I walked to the store across the steet, paged through today’s paper and … sure enough! Emma Cole, age 8, feeds ducks at Burton’s Pond, right on page three (sadly it’s not in their online edition or I’d give you the link!!).

So at least one of us has achieved fame this week … and I’m glad if it could only be one of us, it was Emma, because I think her picture in the paper meant even more to her than a three-minute interview on national radio would have meant to me!!


3 thoughts on “Fame, She is a Fickle Mistress…

  1. Dang, that’s pretty awesome. I’ve never had my picture in the paper, but I have been on radio. I used to work on a talkback show on a christian radio station, doing the phones, controlling mic levels, the computer, and occasionally doing the intro and ad break announcements.

  2. I have volunteered in Christian radio too, FLG — in fact I love radio, which is one reason I jumped at the chance to do a radio interview. I’m sure the opportunity will come around again someday.

  3. Trudy,

    It wouldn’t make you famous, but I’d love to hear more about your plastic fast and run it as a feature on the Adventist Environmental Advocacy blog! (jwrightable @ gmail . com)

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