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Camp Week: How It Ended


Here’s a video clip and a picture as a sequel to my post about day camps from last week. Emma’s circus camp ended with a performance which featured Emma doing several acts, including this rather cool twirly thing called poi:

Chris’ FutureTecs camp ended with an open house where we got to see the things kids had made during the week, then the whole family had to compete (against the other families) in a challenge to build a tower out of newspapers, tongue depressors, straws and some other ingredients. Since we had an engineer at our family table, our structure was judged the most stable but not, unfortunately, the tallest, which was what the competition required.

My mom and dad came along to both Emma’s performance and Chris’s open house, and Jason got away from work for the open house, so it was nice that they had lots of family there to support them and celebrate their accomplishments. I think it’s safe to say as a wrap-up to camp week that a good time was had by all!

As for me, I just got back from my own little sleep-away camp with the Strident Women at Eastport, where a good time was definitely had, but more on that later!


7 thoughts on “Camp Week: How It Ended

  1. I should also mention, just for the benefit of Jamie and anyone else with a sick sense of humour, that Emma’s video features the other kid (not my child!) hitting himself in the head with poi.

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  3. The poi are very cool. It’s something we’re planning to learn in troupe, but it’s tough. Looks like Emma can give us some lessons.

    And love the tower!

  4. Yes, I noticed the kid knocking himself in the head, and yes, I was beaucoup amused!

  5. I know you so well…

    Lori, poi are pretty tough, and it really is hard not to hit yourself in the head while practicing. We made Emma a set of practice poi from two of Jason’s work socks with tennis balls in each toe.

  6. Emma can do poi – awesome! Jean and I got a good look at the fire-poi twirlers at the Lantern Festival, and they were my favourite act. It looks so graceful.. I expect you have to get over hitting yourself in the head before you’re allowed fire poi, though.

  7. Yeah, I think that’s pretty much a requirement. I hope so anyway!!

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