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It’s Shameless Self-Promotion Time!!


It’s actually a little early for this bit of self-promotion, and also a bit long and wordy … closer to release date I’ll do a tighter, slicker, more “trailer-like” trailer. But for now, to whet your appetite and make you curious …

Many many thanks to my tech-wizard, Jason, who put this all together for me, and to Brenda Coulter whose blog got me into the idea of making book trailers in the first place.


9 thoughts on “It’s Shameless Self-Promotion Time!!

  1. Hi Trudy – just came across this in John Gushue’s blog… some of the storyline sounds familiar 🙂 I’m sure looking forward to reading more.
    Hope you’re well – Hello to all!

  2. Thanks Sue! Yes, I shamelessly mined family stories for this novel — more from my mom’s family than dad’s, but some from both — plus a lot of complete fiction, of course!!

  3. Trudy – i loved your book trailer – what a clever idea – you bring your book to life and i look forward to reading it next year.

  4. I think the book trailer is a good idea. Having done only a little bit of video editing, I can only imagine how long it took Jason to find all these pictures and put it together. He did a good job.

    My favourite parts of this were when you were describing the characters. I’m not sure, but it sounds like you may have been reading exerpts from your book when describing them, and one of my favourite things about your writing has always been the way you make me care about your characters. I’m really looking forward to reading this one.

    On another note, your accent has changed since the ol’ days when we used to hang out on a regular basis!

  5. I found the pictures and put them together as a PowerPoint — Jason did the work of bringing them into Windows MovieMaker and timing them to match the voice track.

    I don’t know about my accent — it seems to change based on who I’m talking to, and for what purpose. And yes, those were excerpts I was reading when I talked about each of the characters.

  6. Trudy, I loved your book trailer! I think it is a powerful tool for promoting your novel. Cannot wait to read this one!


  7. Oooo! I can’t wait to read it.

    That’s a theme that has always resounded with me, as has that particular scripture.

  8. Thanks, Lori and Katrina. And Katrina, did you know (of course you didn’t, I just found out myself by accident) that yours was my 1500th comment here on Hypergraffiti?? I should have had a prize!!

  9. I think your book trailer is wonderful. Good job by both you and Jason. I am looking forward to reading the finished product.

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