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OK, first up, not much response on the book trailer. Which of course is devastating, and my self-esteem has taken a beating (big thanks to those who did comment and/or link to it, here and on Facebook; you’ve saved me some money in therapist’s fees). But the lack of comment is also useful information as I think through this trailer-making, book-promotion business. I know the length is a problem and I’m sure a lot of people just looked at it and thought, “4:55? I don’t have time to watch that.” Plus, when I do the final cut version, it will need to not only be shorter, but focus more on the actual plot of the novel — this one has a lot of rambling about what I think the novel is about, the background and stuff, but doesn’t really give you much sense of the story. So, there’s that. I’m still pretty pleased with this one as a first effort but it’s definitely a learning process.

Then there’s the weather. Oh my. I really try not to blog too much about the weather because once you’ve blogged for an entire calendar year and made the epic posts about Newfoundland winter, Newfoundland spring, and the travesty we like to call Newfoundland summer, you risk sounding repetitious if you make the same complaints every year. And you risk having people ask, “Why don’t you just MOVE?!” to which the answer is simple: I love everything everything here except the weather. And I even love the weather when it’s good — it’s the best weather on earth. It’s just that that’s about twenty-two days out of 365. Not twenty-two consecutive days, either.

Still, after several nice days in July when we frequented the pools and ponds, we hit a bad stretch there in early August and have had an almost straight two-week run of rain, drizzle, fog and cool temperatures. It was getting to the point where I stopped checking the forecast online because it was just too depressing.

Yesterday it was still foggy and rainy, but much warmer, and about noon the clouds parted. I met my parents for coffee at Chapters and said to my dad, “There is a great light in the sky. It is trying to burn away the protective layer that surrounds us. I feel fear.”

Sure enough, we got about three hours of sunshine and hot weather in the afternoon, and I had my housebound, cabin-fevered children out the door and into the pool at Bannerman Park so fast their heads were still spinning slightly as we hit the water. I have hopes for a few more days, or even half-days, of summer weather before we have to go BTS (we’re not even spelling out that phrase yet) but I’m still not brave enough to look at the forecast again. Let me cherish my dreams, and my memories of those few golden moments. It’s sunny again this morning, and I’m very resentful of the fact that I promised to go into work to do some intake interviews this afternoon. How was I to know when I made up my summer schedule that August 14 would be a tiny window of sunshine in a sea of drizzle and fog?

Finally, on my list of Random Blog Topics I Must Get Off My Mind, there’s the little question of reading. Now, I know I don’t have readers so avid that they’re battering down the metaphorical door going, “Trudy! Trudy! Why haven’t you posted any book reviews at Compulsive Overreader? Have you abandoned us? Have you given up reading?!” I’d like to have crazy obsessed fans on that level, but then if I had that kind of fan base, I’d probably have gotten a few more comments on my trailer, wouldn’t I?

So just in case you were wondering, no, I haven’t given up reading. Silly! Nor have I gotten way behind with posting reviews (which is more believable, and could happen, but didn’t in this case). I have dedicated my summer reading hours (ideally on the beach and at poolside, though not so much the last couple of weeks) to a massive series: Colleen McCullough’s Masters of Rome, which is going to take me until BTS to finish ploughing through, I think, and which I will review when I’m all finished.

I have read a couple of shorter novels when taking tiny breaks from Roman history, and I did post three new reviews over at Compulsive Overreader, so you can go check those out to tide you over until summer ends, I finish the McCullough series, and I resume my usual dizzying pace of reading/reviewing.

OK, that’s all that’s on my mind for now. I’m mulling over a totally frivolous blog post about sci-fi aliens, but it’s still in the development phase right now.


13 thoughts on “Randomness

  1. Sorry for not leaving a comment on the trailer. I was one of the viewers, though.

    Our weather here has been awful. One minute clear and sunny, the other hailing, thunder and lightning, or torrential rain. Always cold, though.

  2. Yes, but it’s your winter, so I guess you’re at least expecting it to be bad. This is supposed to be the best weather we’re getting all year! What kind of weather do you get during NZ summer?

  3. I have been such a bad blog friend this summer, Trudy. Sometimes when I’m busy, I read through my blogfeeds, but don’t take the time to comment. But this summer I haven’t even done THAT! I currently have 30 unread blogfeed emails. I’ve taken a day off of work to just catch up on STUFF (mostly blog reading), so today is my first opportunity to see your book trailer. First of all, so great to hear your voice! I think it’s a lovely idea with beautiful music and photos and I’m so sorry I didn’t get to say something about it sooner. I, too, try very hard not to do weather blogging. This summer has been FANTASTIC for our area. And so the kids and I have really been enjoying it. Here’s hoping the clouds clear up in Newfoundland, metaphorically and otherwise. Meanwhile, I’m adding this book to my must-read list.

  4. That’s quite OK, Catherine — I get behind on blog-reading too and miss things my friends have posted. I’m really not QUITE fragile enough to be completely devastated when I don’t get tons of comments on something I’ve posted … though I do love feedback!!

  5. I was going to go leave a comment on your trailer, but lets face it–I was only going to do it because you shamelessly begged. Then I thought that I’d be commenting for the wrong reason so now I can’t comment on it at all.

    You may be right about the length, but that’s hard to tell when I clicked on it thinking I’d have a quick read before work, then realizing halfway through that I don’t actually have time to watch this AND be on time (read: a half hour late) for work. So I paused it to come back to later and then the power went out, and come to think of it, I *still* haven’t seen the last half.

  6. Well, if you don’t have time to watch it and still be as late as you’d like to be for work, then it’s definitely too long!!

  7. I do, of course, hope that you got the “I’m ribbing you” tone…sometimes on the ‘net I’m not sure.

    I *have* seen the whole thing now, and I’m not sure how you would shorten it for an Internet audience. But if you do, you should still inclued a link to the longer one somewhere. I’ll comment on the actual video itself over in that thread.

  8. Of course I got your tone. Your tone is engraven upon the lobes of my brain.

    People I don’t know so well IRL, I agree, it’s hard to catch nuances in a text-based medium.

  9. N.Z. weather is often described as four seasons in one day. Even during Summer, we can go from sunbaked to stormy in a heartbeat and everything inbetween 🙂

  10. I’m so mad I didn’t have time to get to NZ when in Australia last year. Having survived the plane trip over there once, I’m not sure I’ll be doing it again in this lifetime, and I really would like to have seen New Zealand.

  11. I have not watched the trailer. I will, though. Currently my laptop and I are sitting directly outside the open window where David is still sleeping, and I don’t expect he would appreciate the trailer (no matter how wonderful) wafting its enticements through the window and into his dreams. I’ll have a listen later, though. Cross my heart…

  12. I watched the trailer and it made want to read the book! I liked the back ground information and what the book is about for you. I also agree that it will be even more efficient if you shorten it.

    Well done!

  13. I did watch the trailer and truly loved it. I am a sucker for books/movies based during the depression era and those based in old New York – it began with ‘A Tree Grows In Brooklyn’ and I am now passing this on to my 14 year old. I cannot wait to read it. Congrats – the trailer was very compelling!

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