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Here’s something that’s made me smile a lot this summer. Depending on your taste in music, who knows, it might make you smile too. It’s the video for “Walk on the Moon,” the first single from Great Big Sea’s new album, Fortune’s Favour, and I’ve adopted it as my personal theme song of Summer 08.

Not only am I one of those annoying people who has a Soundtrack of My Life, with songs for all occasions, but I also have mental soundtracks for all the books I write. (It makes me so happy when I hear other writers admit they do this too!)

As you know, I’ve been working on By the Rivers of Brooklyn and on What You Want this summer. The soundtrack for Brooklyn consists mainly of 20s and 30s pop songs, and lots of rousing old Protestant hymns. There’s plenty of music in What You Want as well, since the characters are on a road trip and listening to songs as you do on a road trip. But “Walk on the Moon,” which the characters never actually listen to in the story, is, in my mind, the song that plays over the closing credits of this book. To me it sums up what the story is about and what the characters are doing — taking a risk to get what they want out of life, whether it’s an unexpected journey or telling someone you love them.

I love the song, love the video, and love the message, because even though I’m not a big risk-taker in the sense of climbing mountains or bungee-jumping or what have you, I do believe in taking risks to live the life you were meant to live. So whether that means writing a book and sending it out into the world with hope and faith, or whether it means reaching out to another person, or whatever the risk YOU need to take is — I hope you take your own personal “walk on the moon.” That’s my wish for everyone today. If you feel really brave, post here and tell me what your walk on the moon is … and enjoy the song and video.


7 thoughts on “It Makes Me Smile…

  1. I haven’t ever heard of these guys before, but love the song and film clip. Not sure if it’s post-baby hormones, but anything that is remotely sentimental gets the tears flowing with me – the guy running with the artificial leg just about set me off! Great sentiment and something I’ve also adopted as a personal creed. My walk on the moon is pretty obvious I suppose – just keep on collecting those rejection letters!! My wall isn’t covered just yet… 🙂

  2. Karen, I know what your walk on the moon is and I wish you so much luck and blessings!! Being from the other side of the world you might not recognize the guy with the artificial leg as Terry Fox, a Canadian in his early 20s who started a cross-Canada run back in 1980(?) to raise money for cancer research (he had lost his leg to cancer) and got halfway across the country before his cancer recurred and he died. He is one of our national heroes.

  3. I love this song! 🙂 The shots of Terry Fox in this video are of him beginning his cross Canada run. He dips his artificial leg into the Atlantic ocean at St. John’s harbor. The other shot is of him passing the old Newfoundland Hotel.

    Trudy, I’ll optimistically say…when you sell the film rights to “What You Want,” you’ll have to make sure they also get the rights to use this song! 🙂

    I’m really looking forward to reading it.

  4. OK Sherry, now that REALLY gives me a goal to shoot for!!

  5. Not my taste in music, but I’m familiar with Terry Fox. I saw a movie about him and his run (that I believe was called Terry). Nice film, and what an inspiration.

  6. Oh, wow. Thanks for blogging this, Trudy – I love the song for a whole bunch of reasons. It’s not just a soundtrack for my own life, but for someone very close to me who is poised to take his own “one small step”, thanks to you and the other wonderful teachers in his life. Seeing the video just adds so many layers to it, especially for someone who watched them take that walk on the moon!

  7. FLG, I thought it might not be your style of music … you crazy kids and your music! But I hope you appreciate the thought anyway, and I’m glad the Terry Fox story made it as far as NZ.

    Diana, thanks for posting and for sharing … and yes, I too remember watching the original “walk on the moon” (although only very dimly as I was 4 at the time).

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