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School Supplies

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I’ve had the kids out for the obligatory trip to Staples to buy school supplies. We’re gearing up for the inevitable with new exercise books, new packages of paper, fresh white erasers and ready-to-sharpen pencils.

Last year, after a presentation at their school, our kids were shocked to learn that there are children in the world who DON’T have nice clear exercise books, textbooks, pencils and erasers in their classrooms. So we decided to take on a WorldVision project to help raise funds to equip and furnish classrooms for those who don’t have shiny new school supplies, especially in the developing world.

Guess what? You can help! Yes, you! And it’s tax-deductible too. I know you have lots and lots of good causes to support, but if late August/early September reminds you of your own school days, and you’re grateful you had the supplies to get an education, or if you’ve been buying school supplies for your own kids and you’d like to help out those who can’t do the same — please click the link and make a small donation. Also, if you were scratching your head wondering, “What can I get Trudy for her 43rd birthday?!??!?” (coming soon on 9/11) … you have your answer! I would like nothing more than a contribution to our project.

And whether you’re going back to school as a student or teacher, whether you’re a parent sending children off to school, or whether you’re just darn glad it’s all behind you and you can ignore the “back to school” flyers for the rest of your natural life … I hope you enjoy this last week of August and look forward to whatever lies ahead in September!


One thought on “School Supplies

  1. There is also a great grassroots organization in Honduras called Project School Supplies: http://projectschoolsupplies.org

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