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Back to School


The obligatory annual back-to-school photo (thoughtfully provided by my dad, since you’ll recall our camera is in for repairs) not only perfectly captures the attitudes of both kids towards school, but also shows off Emma’s amazing new temporary hair colour which I personally applied as a back-to-school treat, plus a bonus view of our new Mazda 5 –which I guess means you can now track us by our license plate number, should you need to. And actually the police may want to, since the picture also clearly shows me parked in a no-parking zone. Hey! Focus on the cute kids! Grade Five and Grade Three — where does the time go??.


3 thoughts on “Back to School

  1. This is so cute. I once had that exact color of hair. It was an accident …a permanent one. And I had about one-fourth the confidence of your daughter. She looks great!!

  2. Great Picture. I love Emma’s pose!

  3. What a star your daughter is going to be!
    She doesn’t lack confidence does she!

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