Where I spray-paint my thoughts…

Tomorrow …


… is my birthday.

You all remember what I want for my birthday, right?

Seriously, I know not everyone is able to donate but many many thanks to those who have, and to those who are considering it, please do! Every little bit helps.

Tomorrow I will be 43.  I am sorry to report that I did not figure out the Ultimate Question of Life, The Universe, and Everything during the year I was 42, but I did have a great year and I have high hopes for more of the same this year!

Remember … 9/11. It’s not ALL bad, ’cause it’s my birthday!

11 thoughts on “Tomorrow …

  1. I know it’s not the 11th there yet, but it is here, so Happy Birthday in New Zealand 😀

    An old friend of mine’s birthday is 9/12, and because we’re a day ahead the crashes happened on his birthday as well. I remember we had high school exams that day, so to start off with he wasn’t having a good birthday, and then everyone came back to my house to find out what happened.

  2. Yes, my friend Karen already told me on Facebook that in Australia, this could be my birthday. So today I’m celebrating my Australia/New Zealand birthday, and tomorrow I’ll celebrate in real-time.

    I remember 9/11 2001 as a glorious day here, unusually hot for a September day here. My friend and I took our kids to the playground and watched all the planes that were diverted from the US landing here at our airport. My cousin had come home from California the night before for her father’s surgery and I remember being so glad she had flown in the night of 9/10 rather than 9/11 because she would never have gotten in till the surgery was long over….It was a weird day. My 36th birthday.

  3. I forgot your birthday that year.

    At work I remember being so caught up with having to report the events of 911 as they unfolded. Then when air space was closed over North America, and planes from around the world started to touch down here, emergency preparations went into gear, and we made on-air appeals for cots, blankets, food, personal items, volunteers…

    When I eventually got home, I was glued to the TV.

  4. I’m disappointed that you didn’t get everything figured out. Oh, well, maybe by the time that you’re fifty!!! Happy Birthday.

  5. Maybe … thanks for the good wishes, everyone!

  6. Happy be-lated birthday my dear friend! Hope it was a good one and you celebrated it just the way you wanted to!


  7. Happy belated birthday! This is my first visit to your friendly site, but I’ll be back for more.

    I greatly enjoyed your comment about not figuring out the Meaning of Life when you were 42. Perhaps just experiencing 365 glorious days during that year did define your own personal Meaning.

    Your statement about being a Newfoundlander first and a Canadian second struck a sympathetic chord with me. Living my first 55 years in Chicago, I always felt like a Chicagoan first and an American second (never liked the term ‘American’ as a description of USA citizens, as, in theory, everyone born in North, Central, and South America can also claim that title… but I digress).
    You are the first person I know who expressed a similar feeling. Thank you, from a Chicagoan to a Newfoundlander!

  8. Thanks, Wayne! It’s not that uncommon a sentiment here in Canada, especially Newfoundland, where we tend to be more loyal to our region than our country — we usually think of Americans as more flag-waving and patriotic! Not that I’m not also happy to be a Canadian … but even though I was born 16 years after we joined Canada I’m definitely a Newfoundlander first.

    I love Chicago and would like to visit it again … only been there once so far!

  9. Happy belated Birthday!! Glad you had a great year. Best wishes for even better years to come.

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