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This was a relaxing weekend. That’s important, because last weekend wasn’t, with the yard sale and all, and it’s really important to my sanity that weekends be relaxing and that I not try to accomplish too much on the weekend. I believe in a Sabbath rest and I like it to spill over into Sunday if possible.

Fortunately, now that we’ve got the camera back, I can show you that we dyed the dog’s hair:

Nooo!! Of course we didn’t!!! That wouldn’t have been relaxing AT ALL.

Jason and Chris took him for a walk, and while they were picking blackberries, Max decided to run through the blackberry bushes. He came back with these cool punk purple streaks in his fur.

The other reason I love this picture is that his tongue and his tail are both a blur … which is so true to life. Constant motion.

Since we have the camera again I can also show you what we did for fun on Sunday:

Yes! We went to Lester’s Farm, where as well as supporting local farmers and buying local produce we got to pose in the pumpkin patch, pet the pettable farm animals, wander through the corn maze and even have some ice cream.  A perfect fall day!

The rest of the pictures are up at Flickr. I hope you had a relaxing weekend too!!


2 thoughts on “Weekender

  1. Good photos on Flickr!
    I especially like the one in the Corn Maze.

  2. If you are looking for something to ‘watch’ this coming weekend and you have access to CMT, a Great Big Sea (Fortunes Favour) is coming on Sunday night! I know how much your family loves them…
    Here s the link: http://www.cmt.ca/Programs/ProgramItem.aspx?prog_id=80

    Have a great weekend!

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