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I know some people consider “cute things my kids said” to be the lowest form of blogging, but sometimes I just gotta.  Emma, at eight, is stretching her vocabulary. She uses almost all her “big words” correctly, but it’s just so funny to hear them coming out of her little mouth. At her age I was getting beaten up in school and on the street for using words like this … I hope the world has become more tolerant.

1. Emma on appropriate TV viewing: I’m explaining to her why some of the shows Mom and Dad watch are not appropriate for kids.

Emma: What about House?

Me: No. Definitely not. It’s in a hospital, and you see people cut open and stuff. Plus, they talk about a lot of grown up things.

Emma: Do people appear unclothed?

2. Emma on maternal oversight.

Me (bringing her back from her drama class): How did you get out of the house this morning without me noticing you have two odd socks on?

Emma: Well, Mommy, you’re just not very perceptive.

3. Emma on her father’s childhood of hardship.

Jason (as she’s talking about what she wants for her next birthday party): At least you have birthday parties.

Me: Daddy never had a birthday party when he was a kid.

Emma: Oh, Daddy, that’s terrible! Daddy, I’m empathizing with you!!


5 thoughts on “Emma-isms

  1. I love the things that children say, and your
    Emma is a gem!

    I love it when children, at two or three, have learnt about past tenses, but not learnt all the exceptions yet. So they start applying the rules themselves and end up saying things like:-
    ‘I goed out to play’
    ‘I eated my toast’

    Your Emma has definately inherited your literary skills, hasn’t she?

  2. I love it when grown-ups mess up on the vocab. Like the lady who was talking about her daughter being in labor for over 30 hours, and what a relief it was when the doctors finally decided to seduce her. She continued saying, “Once they seduced her, she had the baby right away.” 🙂

  3. My 3 year old comes out with classics at times and is right at the stage Katie-Rose talked about. It cracks me up! He says, ‘hitted the ball’, ‘spinned’ the top’ etc. And his understanding of things is hilarious. He told me the other day, quite seriously, that ‘chickens are made of birds’…who can argue with that?!

    Recently I asked him a question and when he answered me he added, “Someone sent me an email about it”. Child of the 21st century…

    Emma definitely has the word gene – and the context she puts the words in is awesome!

    My sister-in-law is a very well-read, intelligent lady, but manages somehow to call testosterone, tostesterone…and now I have to think twice!

    As for being seduced into labour…I’m sure that happened waaaaaaay back in the beginning somewhere 🙂

  4. Didn’t happen all that quickly after you were seduced, though, did it? 😉

    Love everyone’s comments — and yes, Emma definitely has both mine and Jason’s word-lover genes, and is enjoying learning to use them!

  5. It’s almost more disconcerting when they use words properly before you’d expect them to. The other day I heard this from my 3 year old:

    “Daddy! I can’t find my shoes….oh! nevermind! APPARENTLY they are in the kitchen.”

    My head snapped. “Apparently?!”

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