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So, FLG tagged me with this thing where you have to post 6 interesting things about yourself.  Which got me hung up for quite awhile, because I’m thinking, “ARE there 6 interesting things about me???”

Just 6 things, that’d be no problem.  In fact, I have in the past posted 41 things about me, and 10 lists of 10 things about me, and other random collections of information about myself.  But when you throw in the caveat that it has to be “interesting,” well, then I start getting all self-critical. Is this random fact interesting? That one? Is anything in my life really interesting?

I’m don’t have what you’d call low self-esteem. I think I’m above-average smart, funny, creative, kind and generous.  But I do cherish a sneaking fear that I’m actually quite boring.  I’ve noted a couple of times that unkind reviews of some of my books have called the main characters boring, and I’m afraid they’re reflecting the inherent dullness of their creator.  I’m sorry, I’ve never been much of a wild child or a rebel, and I have trouble scraping together the kind of writer bio that sounds like I’ve lived a rich, full life.  I mean, it has been rich and full to me, but it doesn’t make exciting blurb copy.

So. Six things about me that might be more or less interesting:

1) Hidden talent: I am really, really good at hanging a spoon on my nose, and can keep it there for quite a long time.  Of course this talent was really only useful in the college cafeteria at Andrews University, where I perfected the skill (and once ate an entire meal with a spoon hanging from my nose).  Recently it’s gotten a revival as a way of amusing my kids, though they’re outgrowing it. I’ll have to save it for the grandkids, I guess.

2) Terrible flaw: I am an awful, incredible procrastinator.  In a lot of ways I have managed to battle this in my professional life, so successfully that I am usually the first to get my grades submitted at report card time, and am well-known among editors for getting writing assignments in on or before deadline.  But all that means is that the procrastination spills over into my private life.  On one memorable day this summer I went to the hospital to get blood work that had been ordered TWO YEARS earlier, then went to the bank to pay the registration on my car FOUR MONTHS after it was due.  Every day, I have a secret list, the shadow-version of my to-do list: “Things I’m Putting Off Doing.”

3. Most impressive mishap: At the age of twenty-one, I was thrown off a train in Communist Yugoslavia in the middle of the night.  (Note: not “thrown off a moving train,” which would have been much more impressive.  Ordered to leave a train at a station. Follow the link above it you want the whole story).

4. Oddest misdemeanour in a very law-abiding life: In company with some disreputable friends, I was asked to leave a Burger King in Oshawa, Ontario, for rowdy behavior, in 1987 or so.

5. My first paying job was hand-collating in the bindery at the print shop where my dad worked.  After that, everything else has seemed relatively easy by comparison.

6. Movie obsession: I have seen The Princess Bride so many times I could watch it with the sound turned down and recite all the lines.  Really. Try me.

Yeah … that’s about it. Really.  Thank goodness I can write, because I’m never going to get famous for my fascinating real life.

9 thoughts on “Interesting?

  1. LOVE the story about Yugoslavia!

  2. It was an experience, that’s for sure!

  3. Regarding number 4…

    DISREPUTABLE? We were still STUDENTS, and it was you and Jennifer…our teachers…who got us kicked out!

    Great memory, though, in it’s own way.

  4. And now you have been to Australia, you can claim your spoon-on-the-nose trick as imitating a koala! Seriously – it’s a pretty good imitation, and a hit at parties…well, the parties I go to anyway (think a dozen 3-year-olds and you’ll get the idea).

  5. Truly, Trudy, you rank among the more interesting people I’ve known. Remember the time we went shopping for that shower gift, and I was “blind” and you were “dumb” as part of our writing research? That was interesting.

  6. Dang, you’re way more interesting than me, that’s for sure!

  7. Jamie, I claim absolutely no maturity in that situation … surely from the perspective of middle age you can see that 21 is not a lot smarter than 17! Also, wasn’t Kirsten with us too? I’m sure she was teaching us the “Pass the spoon” game from Collonges …

    Uppington, I had not forgotten the blind/dumb experiment. Still stays with me as one of the funnier days I’ve spent. Also confirmed by suspicions that you (and most people) could wrap a package better blind than I could with my eyes open. I still remember coming out of the mall and not being able to tell you that we were in the wrong parking lot and I couldn’t find the car!

    Karen, I had not thought of the koala connection!

    FLG, I’ve lived a lot longer, so who knows what adventures you may have yet? Don’t you have a trip to the US planned sometime? It may turn out as exciting as my trip to Yugoslavia…

  8. Interesting people are those that have interesting things going on in their mind. You are one of them.

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