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Spicy Club Sauce!!


With NaNo behind me and the craziness of December still to come, it’s time to slip away for a few days of R&R with some of my homies.

(Jason: “You are a 43-year-old white woman. You do not have ‘homies’.” What-EVerrrr).

I’m heading off with the Strident Women till Sunday, so I won’t be blogging … hmm…what is tasty and delicious that I could leave you with for a few days?  Oh! I know!

It’s been ages since I blogged about TV characters I have crushes on. Time for another of those, right? But I’ll keep it short and just say that since I usually watch TV only on DVD, it sometimes takes me a long time to catch up to pop culture.  So I’m only, like, four years late with loving Arrested Development and discovering that there’s nothing on earth sexier than this…

(…unless it’s my own dear husband imitating this exact same voiceAnd he does it SO well. Totally makes up for him telling me I don’t have homies!)

4 thoughts on “Spicy Club Sauce!!

  1. I love Arrested Development, and I knew you’d like it too 😀

    Will Arnett is hilarious, but really, everyone plays their roles to perfection.

    It’s bittersweet that it got cancelled, because it was so good, and it never got the chance to become stale.

  2. Enjoy your R & R. I really need to find me some homies too…mind you, all of my homies have very little children too. Maybe we need to wait 5 years till our hubbies can cope with us going away!!

  3. Ahhh, Trudy, I can almost feel the impending relaxation through my computer. Congrats on finishing Nanowrimo, homie!!

  4. It is indeed great to have that project finished, and I do have some wonderful homies — we had a very relaxing weekend! Unfortunately it’s now right back to other projects, work, Christmas prep, etc etc etc … I could really have used a week off!

    FLG, I agree that AD’s short run was “bittersweet” because I really prefer TV series with shorter runs — it really does get stale if they keep a show on-air too long. I hope rumours of an AD movie are true!!! And Will Arnett is a freakin’ genius.

    I will come up with a new blog soon, I promise. The weekend away made me a bit lazy!!

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