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Christmas Angel


angelFor variety, today, a cute kid story that’s NOT from one of my kids.

There’s this six-year-old boy at church who’s in the Sabbath School class I teach, whom I find absolutely adorable — sweet, charming, but also incredibly hyper and wired.  As a person who isn’t naturally drawn to little kids except for the two I gave birth to, it’s rare for me to enjoy a child this much, but I really get a kick out of this little guy. Never more so than yesterday.

I had the kids doing a craft where they were decorating an angel cutout as a Christmas decoration.  This little fellow — who, I should mention, comes from quite a conservative Christian home, which is relevant to the story because he obviously knows his Bible — showed me his angel and said, “His name is Lucifer.”

“Lucifer!” I said in my Hearty Primary-Teacher Voice.  “Isn’t he the angel that rebelled against God and became Satan?”


“So, are you sure that’s the angel you want as a Christmas decoration? Maybe you could call him Gabriel or something.”

“No. I want him to be Lucifer.”

Ooooo…kay.  Lucifer it is.  Can’t get more festive than that!!


5 thoughts on “Christmas Angel

  1. Nope, can’t get more festive than that! 🙂

  2. Haha! Doesn’t Lucifer mean Morning Star?

    Oh, btw, you’ve been given the Marie Antoinette Award over on me blog 🙂

  3. A child after my own heart…*sigh*

  4. How funny are kids??! My little guy has a baby doll that he named Moses…guess what Sabbath School lesson we were reading at the time?? When he decides to take it with us somewhere I end up with Samuel, Jacob, Matthew & Moses in the backseat – I almost need my own chapter in Numbers!! And the Collums begat…

  5. Perhaps he knew Lucifer needs a little Christmas. 🙂

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