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I Know You’re Just So Eager…


…to know what you can give me for Christmas (since I’ll soon be giving you the chance to win one of my favourite books for the year!)

Well, if you’ve been reading this blog for awhile this will come as no surprise, but there’s a link on the right to a WorldVision project our family is raising money for. You can donate to any of the items on our wishlist (or any other WorldVision gifts, which many people have been doing — it’s all for a good cause and everything helps!). But we’re especially eager to reach our target on the gift item that says “Furnish an Entire Classroom,” because we believe education is so vital in enabling people to make changes in their lives, both here and in developing countries.

Thanks to those who have already donated, and if you’re thinking of making a contribution, please do so — reaching our goal on this project would be the best Christmas present ever! (And if you do it before year’s end, it’s tax-deductible for 2008 too!)


2 thoughts on “I Know You’re Just So Eager…

  1. Great project, Trudy. Kind of makes my posted-to-the-world-desire for an iPod Touch seem very sucky. Not saying that it’s no longer on my wish list, but you know, still sucky.

  2. You can help others and still have an iPod Touch, Tina!! Thanks for your donation!

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