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Call Me Irresponsible…



I just love the feeling of not being responsible for anything.  Well, anything apart from the basics that I’m always responsible for, like keeping my children alive and healthy and making sure our house isn’t condemned by the Department of Health.

I never feel I can relax and enjoy the Christmas season till the capital-R Responsibilities are out of the way.  I blogged last week about how ready I was for Christmas break so I could temporarily retire from at least a few of those responsibilities.  With the kids out of school and me off work on Friday, I was almost totally ready to sit back and enjoy the season … but not quite. I had one more hurdle still to leap.

It wasn’t putting up the tree (we’re doing that tomorrow) or last-minute shopping or wrapping or entertaining.  I’m not too fazed by any of those things.  The last thing that was hanging over me like the Sword of Thingummy was the Sabbath School Christmas pageant in which my kids had starring roles, and which I was (OF COURSE) in charge of.

There is, of course, a connection between the fact that I was running the show and the fact that my kids had major parts.  It’s nepotism, but it’s nepotism with a purpose. Not that my kids are more brilliant or talented than the others, but that they are the only two kids in the church over whom I have some level of control in the matter of whether they show up or not.  Other people are fairly reliable, but you can never be 100% certain that the kid is going to show up unless they’re getting there in your car.

Everyone else made it, too — except for three little girls in one family whose dad called the night before to tell me they were all struck down by the flu.  Now, if you attend a big church with loads of kids this might not be an issue, but in a small church like ours, one family getting the flu means 1/4 of your pageant cast is out — one narrator and two angels, in fact.  So when we got to church this morning there was a lot of frantic scrambling as I handed out new parts to kids (who took them with a very positive attitude, I’m glad to report!) and everyone had to do some double-duty.

I felt positively frantic behind the scenes but I did a little disclaimer up front when I introduced them so everyone would know why we were so disorganized.  Kind churchly friends assured me you couldn’t even tell that there was panic in Bethlehem, and the kids all did a great job.

Most importantly, I am relieved of most of my extraneous responsibilites now for the next two weeks, and will be dedicating my energies to feasting and celebration! Stick a fork in me, ‘cuz I AM DONE!!!!


4 thoughts on “Call Me Irresponsible…

  1. This is one of the reasons I have changed churches. Rather than kindly church friends, there would have been high-minded critics. And if you have high-minded critics the chances of youth being relieble goes down considerably. My stress level is MUCH better now….

  2. Go on! Be irresponsible, Trudy. Embrace it an enjoy it! I feel like I’ve been responsible my whole life for everything 🙂 That goes along with the whole ‘goody-two-shoes’ syndrome…

    Glad the Christmas play went well. We have a very kid-friendly church too, so we feel very blessed. Merry Christmas!

  3. Children might have been given some slack, but youth or adults in charge…not so much.

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