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Win a Free Book in the Shameless Self-Promotion Scavenger Hunt!!

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Last year I gave away some free books — your choice from my Top  Ten Favourite Books of the Year — as prizes in a wickedly difficult (I discovered — I thought it was easy!) little contest where I challenged people to identify the books on the shelf behind my head in the header picture.

Now it’s another year, another list of Top Ten Books, and another contest.

I’m sorry to have to do this, but I am a working writer and Shameless Self-Promotion is one of my mandates as well as one of the reasons I have a website.  As I have two new books coming out in 2009, it’s time to shamelessly self-promote and that is the theme of this quiz: it’s all about ME ME ME … or more specifically about my writing.

I’m calling this a scavenger hunt because it will send you looking around my website.  Nearly all the answers to these questions can be found by looking at either the “WRITESTUFF” or “SHAMELESS” pages on this site (look at the tabs on top if you’ve never noticed that there’s more to this site than just my blog), or by searching blog entries tagged “writing.” Some might require a little more digging, but I’ll give prizes to people with the most correct answers; you don’t necessarily need to get every question right in order to win.

READ ON, for the  contest questions…

1. What was the title of the first book I ever had published? (Bonus question: In what year was it published?)

2. What was the title of either of the two most recent books I had published? (Bonus: In what year were they both released?)

3. I wrote a book about a woman who was well-known for her relationship with which famous writer?

4. I have written a series of articles about women of the Bible. In what magazine do they appear?

5. The aforementioned articles about women of the Bible are now being collected in a new book, to be released next month.  What is the title of that book? (Bonus: Who is the illustrator?)

6. My upcoming historical novel is about Newfoundlanders living in which U.S. city?

7. I have written a Biblical novel, to be released in 2010, about the early Christian church in which city?

8. About which English queen did I once write a prize-winning short story?

9. I once wrote an article which was published in the local paper and in the teachers’ union newsletter, about teaching students in which grade?

10. In what country was I fortunate enough to be able to teach a series of writing workshops in March 2008?

BONUS: What’s the title of my eternally-unpublished novel about growing up Adventist in Newfoundland?


So … you go through the scavenger hunt questions, poke around here on my website and see how many correct answers you can get.  Then email your list of answers to me at trudyj65@hotmail.com before midnight, Newfoundland Standard Time, on January 6 (so you have the whole Twelve Days of Christmas to complete the contest). Put “Book Contest” in the subject line of your email. Do not put your answers here in the comments as that ruins the fun for others.

With your reply, please indicate which book from my Top Ten Books of 2008 you’d like to receive as your prize if you win.

From the replies I receive, I will choose at least five winners (I may choose more than five, but I won’t choose fewer) based on those with the most correct answers.  Winners will be contacted by email as well as announced here on the site, and you will need to email me your mailing address so I can send your book.


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