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Thanks for everyone who participated in the Shameless Self-Promotion Scavenger Hunt and Book Giveaway. The quiz had a total of ten questions, with four bonus, so while 10/10 would have been full marks, it was possible to get as many as 14 points. In fact, three people got a perfect score of 14 points — every question right, including the bonuses! I decided that, much as I’d like to give a prize to everyone, I’d give a book to everyone who got 10 points or more. To everyone else, thanks so much for playing!! The winners are:

Lori S., first one in with correct answers, who wins a copy of Home by Marilynne Robinson.

Karen, who was a little indecisive about which book she wanted and needs to confirm with me for sure.

Sherry (perfect score!), who wins a copy of Gilead, by Marilynne Robinson.

Jacquie, who wants me to surprise her. I’m hoping she’ll be pleasantly surprised by a copy of The Girl Who Stopped Swimming, by Joshilyn Jackson.

Lori M., who also wins Home.

Paul (another perfect score!), with a copy of Atonement.

Inkslinger (yet another perfect score), and yet another copy of Home.

I really hope everyone who gets a copy of Home likes it — I always feel worried when I’ve given a book such a high recommendation in case others don’t like it as much.  Also, I’m not sure how Home will go if you haven’t read Gilead first … but if giving people a free copy of Home makes them rush out and buy Gilead, I’m OK with that! Winners, look for your prize books soon.  Once again, congrats and thanks for playing.  Same time next year!


5 thoughts on “Winners!

  1. Thank you Trudy,

    I look forward to reading it.

    Your scavenger hunt was fun, with a great prize.

  2. Woo Hoo! Thanks so much for the surprise! I can’t wait to read it. As Paul said, the scavenger hunt was fun, but I must admit, I felt a little voyeuristic searching around for the information…but I did come to realize how amazingly busy you’ve been with your writing the past couple of years – on top of family and work – I mean ‘life’.


  3. Yaaay! Thank you so much Trudy!

    Love these contests you have! Not just for the possibility of a free book, but the searching itself is always so much fun.

    I’m not too worried about whether I’ll like “Home.” You did give it some very high praise, but everything I’ve read/heard about Robinson would indicate she’s a pretty reliable read. And how could someone possibly complain/feel disappointed about free books and a fun hunt? 🙂

  4. …and no animals were killed or wounded during the hunt. Although…I may have been eating chicken at one point, but he was already dead. 🙂

  5. YAY!!!
    Thanks Trudy!!

    I will most likely be one of those who will go out and get Gilead… 🙂

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