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At Least my Class is Better than Hugh’s …


A new semester has kicked off and once again I’m starting English 3201 off with Macbeth. You just never know how teaching Shakespeare to Eager Young Minds is going to go. I’ve taught Macbeth, Romeo and Juliet, A Midsummer Night’s Dream, and Julius Caesar over and over, to so many different classes over the years … and generally it goes well. But occasionally I’ve had days when this classic sketch from A Bit of Fry and Laurie is uncomfortably close to home.

Sorry, quality on this YouTube clip is not all I’d like it to be — and Hugh’s hapless teacher sketch is only the first four minutes; after that it goes into something else. But it’s worth posting because it definitely captures the worst fears I have every time I get up in front of a class to teach Shakespeare … and every teacher here will be able to identify, I’m sure!! What’s really sad is if you scroll down the “comments” on the actual YouTube page where this is posted, there are all these people commenting: “Hey, that reminds me of MY teacher….”

And Jamie, if I’m not up to every two hours yet, at least it’s a new post for a new day!


3 thoughts on “At Least my Class is Better than Hugh’s …

  1. And I should add … for all the non-teachers who felt jealous that I had a snow day yesterday — this might help to even things out.

  2. I guess I can settle for a post a day instead, then. :-).

  3. Right! Well! OK!

    Classic bit. Thanks for the memory.

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