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Changing Channels


car_radioYou know those great little serendipitous moments when you’re changing channels on the radio or TV and what you hear on one station just morphs seamlessly into what’s on the next? I had a hilarious one of those today.

Got in my car after work.  The radio was tuned to VOAR and somebody was in the middle of a sermon. Not being in a sermon mood I flicked over to CBC to catch The Point. Here’s what I heard:

[VOAR] … but Jesus is more than that. He’s our Brother!


[CBC] He’s also an independent film and television producer!

Turns out Amir was talking about Ralph Benmergui who, yeah, I am a fan of.  But not as big a fan as I am of Jesus. I would so go see His movies!!


7 thoughts on “Changing Channels

  1. ha ha! it always happens when there is no one there to witness it, too!

  2. That’s why I had to blog and tell the world about it. If someone else had been in the car we could have just shared a good laugh and moved on.

  3. Hahaha. Fantastic 😀 I haven’t had one of those things happen in a while.

  4. Glad I’m not the only one who notices those weird little monologues around me 🙂 Maybe it’s a writer’s thing… Thanks for the laugh, Trudy 🙂

  5. I’m intrigued by the idea of Jesus making movies…I wonder what the plots would be like…

  6. Funny!

    Yeah, I would SO go see his movies, too! After all, I love the shorts he screens puts on his giant screen every morning and evening.

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